Is Cash Avalanche Sweeping GOP Into Amnesty Acquiescence?

S Adelson

S Adelson: "My orders are, swing Left!"

Could it be that all this hoop-la about the GOP being more open to Amnesty aka “immigration reform” and Minority Outreach generally reflects not a (highly questionable) reaction to the 2012 election but simply the fact that unprecedented amounts of cash are being been made available to those willing to sing the Treason Lobby song?

Consider the tasteless advertorial carried by Politico on Thursday Republican group readies immigration blitz By Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman 2/28 13

The American Action Network is poised to launch a major advocacy campaign aimed at winning support for immigration reform on the right...

AAN officials described the campaign in detail to POLITICO, outlining how the organization aims to drum up support for both immigration legislation and Republican budget proposals in the coming months.

This account got right to their main argument

Top Republicans Pipe Up about Pre-Sequester Release of Illegal Alien Prisoners

imageSequester malevolence is exploding all around the big capitol city, even though the reduction in the rate of spending increases hasn’t even started yet.

As reported in these electrons on Monday (see Sequester Savings: Jailbird Illegal Aliens Released into America), ICE freed a mystery number of jailed foreign criminals to save money that has not yet been restricted.

The intervening time has brought more details. A report from Texas says that “several hundred” illegals have been freed from that state.

In Arizona’s Pinal County, Sheriff Paul Babeu reported that ICE released more than 500 alien detainees in that county alone over the weekend.

The President’s jihad against public safety elicited strong words from leading Republicans. Perhaps they are learning that the open borders revolutionaries do not operate in good faith.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the new Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, issued a press release on Feb 26:

“It’s abhorrent that President Obama is releasing criminals

Dr. Norm Matloff : The Emperor Has No Clothes—There Is Not A Shortage Of STEM Workers, There's A Glut

Dr. Norm Matloff writes to his email list: 

Nice piece by Ross Eisenbrey the other day, of the "emperor has no clothes" variety: America’s Genius Glut, NY Times, February 7, 2013

Very tightly reasoned, a compelling argument to anyone with an open mind.

Dr. Norm Matloff on The Immigration Hearings—Immigrants Did Not Invent The Smartphone

Dr. Norm Matloff writes to his email list

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on immigration on Tuesday, with the first session focusing on foreign tech workers and unauthorized immigrants. You can view or download the hearing here.

House Immigration Hearing on Tuesday

imageThe House Judiciary Committee has posted information about Tuesday’s immigration hearing, and the line-up of speakers is somewhat concerning. Usually the majority party gets to choose 3 out of 4 witnesses per panel, but the upcoming group appears unduly friendly to Obama’s amnesty and general immigration permissiveness, although I admit not every name is familiar to me. But there are hints, like job titles.

I phoned C-SPAN a little while ago and the fellow with whom I spoke said hearing coverage decisions are made late in the day before the event, but he thought they might cover it given the current interest about immigration in the news.

But I hear on good authority that the hearing “should” be webcast on the House Judiciary site.

The hearing, titled “America’s Immigration System: Opportunities for Legal Immigration and Enforcement of Laws against Illegal Immigration” is scheduled for 10:15 am EST on Tuesday, Feb 5.

The committee has already included the witnesses’ written statements:

Witness List

Panel I

Vivek Wadhwa
Director of Research, Pratt

Gene Nelson On SAVE Report: “The DHS Is Doing A Very Poor Job Protecting The Employment Rights Of American Citizens—And Is Needlessly Endangering Americans”

Gene Nelson, Ph.d,[Email him] writes:

Michael Cutler recently  published a new CAPS Blog entry regarding the failure of the DHS SAVE system to properly identify a projected 12% of illegal aliens that the DHS SAVE system approves for benefits.

Mexican President-Elect Pena Nieto Visits Obama, On Board with Obama's Immigration Plan

On December 1st, Enrique Pena Nieto is slated to be inaugurated as the next president of Mexico. On November 27th, the Mexican president-elect visited Obama in the White House, and guess what? Pena Nieto is on board with Obama's immigration reform plan:

The president-elect of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, praised President Barack Obama's immigration plan in a meeting today at the White House. “We fully support your proposal,” said Peña Nieto in reference to Obama's immigration plan, according to the pool report. “We want to contribute. We want to be part of this.”

Illegals Registered To Vote In Lawrence, MA, But Officials Shrug—Give ICE Official Give Bruce Foucart A Call

Fox News Boston has discovered several legal and illegal aliens registered to vote in the Boston area.  Local politicians are of course unconcerned as the aliens vote Democrat.

Fox News Boston November 5, 2012 by Mike Beaudet

Non-Citizens Registered To Vote In Lawrence, But Officials Shrug

Sexting: Welcome To DHS Special Victims Unit, Which Can't Be Bothered With Illegal Immigrants

Once upon a time John Morton, head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), stated that ICE's priorities were terrorists, criminal aliens, recently entered illegal aliens, and absconders.

However, in fact, the investigative arm of ICE, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), has decided that immigration and customs law enforcement is beneath it.

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