The Fulford File | Republican Legislators And The US Chamber Of Commerce Collude On Increasing Legal Immigration During Great Recession

Roy Beck wrote on the NumbersUSA blog in 2009:

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's reaction to a limited set of stricter rules for banks hiring foreign workers answers a bar debate that long has raged. The question has always been whether if we had another Great Depression would the Chamber still continue to lobby for more foreign workers on the basis of worker shortages. This week, the debate is settled. YES, THEY WOULD! "It's Official -- U.S. Chamber Would Lobby for Foreign Workers During a Depression", February 10, 2009 

As the Great Recession continues, two years later, you may be wondering “In the midst of a Depression, would compliant Republican legislators give the Chamber Of Commerce everything

Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush—Servants of Davos Man.

Former President Bill Clinton is the latest Establishment type to praise former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for his repackaging amnesty. [Bill Clinton Praises Old Foe Newt Gingrich,, November 26, 2011] It’s less surprising than it might seem: both, along with former President George W. Bush, are bought-and-paid-for servants of Davos Man.

The truly dominant ideology of our times isn't anti-governmentism, it's globalism. It's so suffocating that at the elite level even an ex-President can only peck at it without daring to call it out by name.

Indeed, the most interesting aspect of Clinton’s recently-published Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy image is the subterranean but still noticeable conflict between Clinton's devotion to his globalist paymasters and his still-sharp political instincts that tell him that American patriotism wins elections.

It’s a struggle. But he manages.

Nobody would call Bill Clinton a profound thinker. While shallow, however, his range is certainly broad. For example, he concludes Back To Work with 46 scattershot suggestions for improving the economy, such as:

  • To support the insourcing movement, we should increase the number of empowerment zones and expand the reach of the New Markets Initiative”.

You have to give Clinton this much credit: he does not bore easily. Bush and Clinton were both born in 1946, but Bush has retired, while Clinton is still out there on the conference circuit sitting through Powerpoint presentations. He gives the impression that he's actually interested in, say,

  • "21. Speed up the issuance of new energy efficiency rules for the most common household appliances" or
  • "33. Increase the role of the Small Business Administration (SBA)."

Clinton endorses the Obama policy on immigration, but only as #41 out of 46:

  • “41. Keep pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, and in the meantime grant more H-1B visas to immigrants in STEM fields until we have enough qualified citizens to fill the openings. 

( links added to quotes thoughout). To my eye, he sounds less enthusiastic, more pro forma, about claiming that “the immigrants who fill the STEM jobs “ will somehow create jobs for Americans than he does about his priority #12:

  • "At least paint the roofs white."

(Needless to say, Clinton makes no mention of

Massachusetts Complains About Arizona's Lack of Enforcement of Immigration Laws

Massachusetts, as we all know, is a haven for empty headed liberals that support illegal immigration and open borders. Most of their boosterism comes from their misguided notion that they are far enough from the border to be immune to the consequences of allowing the invasion to continue.

Now Massachusetts is learning the hard way that uncontrolled immigration is affecting them in a very profound fashion -- like for instance people are dying in the streets!


The Majority Strategy: The Essential Argument—Why The GOP Must Win White America

Peter Brimelow writes: The National Policy Institute is holding a conference on the theme Towards A New Nationalism: Immigration and the Future of Western Nations in Washington D.C. on September 10.  A press conference will be held at the National Press Club, Friday, September 9.  Everyone involved in these historic events, especially the presiding genius, Alternative Right’s Richard Spencer, deserves the thanks of a grateful nation, and I very much regret that for personal reasons I can’t be there.  We post here Richard’s paper, prepared for the conference, on what he calls “The Majority Strategy”, which we at call “The Sailer Strategy” because it was invented by our Steve (America’s Half-Blood Prince) Sailer, even if, in his prima donna-ish way, he has been declining to focus on it recently. Some years ago, I was told (by a former staffer for Senator Jesse Helms!) that suggesting a white-cenric strategy for the GOP i.e. that it should appeal to its own base would lead to instant ostracism inside the Beltway. NPI is breaking that incredible taboo right now.

The National Policy Institute Research & Analysis

September 9, 2011

[PDF version at]

Major Findings

  • In the current multiracial environment, in which minorities consistently vote Democrat, major Republican victories occur when the party’s percentage of White support greatly outstrips that of the general (multi-racial) population.   
  • Over the past 40 years, Hispanic voting has been remarkably structural and intractable. The GOP’s “outreach” efforts consistently fail, and there’s little evidence that Hispanics would flock to a “Latino-friendly” GOP. 

The Majority Strategy


With each new election cycle, the Republican leadership becomes ever more convinced of its need to “reach out” to Hispanics, Blacks, and other minorities, or else risk irrelevance and defeat.

Obama's Uncle Omar Illegally In Massachusetts

It appears that President Obama’s uncle Omar Onyango has recently been arrested for drunk driving in Framingham, MA. Omar drove through a stop sign then nearly crashed into a police cruiser. [Cops: Illegal Immigrant Drove Drunk in Framingham, MetroWest Daily News, Norman Miller, August 26, 2011]

Republicans Felt The Heat From The Tea Party

Mickey Kaus's post DREAM Act analysis, based partly on Roy Beck's take, which he calls a "cold-eyed and revealing post-game analysis" is that it was the Tea Party primary challenges that sent a message to Republican Senators:

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