Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome

Immigrant Mass Murder In Sikh Temple? Commenters Are Already Blaming You!

I don't know if this shooting is going to turn out to an Immigrant Mass Murder, it's still in progress, and the race of the shooter is still unknown.

Immigrant Mass Murder: Sikh In California Kills Family, Then Self--Why Wasn't He Deported?

Linda Thom, who forwarded this one, asks

How did this guy get into the US?  Why wasn't he deported?  Who, in the government, is going to answer these questions?  Nobody, that's who.

North Dakota: Somali Faces Trial for Quadruple Murder

imageIn North Dakota, Omar Mohamed Kalmio, a Somali national, is in jail, accused of murdering his girlfriend Sabrina Zephier, her mother, brother and the mother’s boyfriend.

Oakland Mass Murder Site Oikos University—Another Visa Mill?

I live less than 12 miles from the site of Monday’s mass murder, Oikos University, and had never heard of the place. A television news segment reported the city Councilman Larry Reid whose district includes the school said he didn’t know of it either.

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome At Korean University In California

A mass shooting at Oikos University, a Korean-American school of nursing, et cetera, is apparently another case of immigrant mass murder syndrome, as both victims and shooter are Korean:

Rep. Ted Poe Notes San Francisco Massacre by Non-Deported Foreign Felon

On Monday I wrote about the Vietnamese butcher of five whose brutal crime was entirely preventable: Accused San Francisco Mass Murderer Was Not Deported to Vietnam. The case has not gotten much if any national attention, so it was reassuring to see law and sovereignty defender Congressman Ted Poe speak out on the issue:

Accused San Francisco Mass Murderer Was Not Deported to Vietnam

San Francisco has been roiled for the last couple days by a particularly troubling mass murder of five who were hard to identify because of the physical savagery of the killings.

On Monday we learned the identities of the victims, all Chinese names, and the accused killer, Binh Thai Luc of Vietnam (pictured below), was arrested. The police have been very tight-lipped, saying over the past few days that the public needn’t worry about a random mass murderer on the loose. That plus the quick arrest indicates some sort of ongoing crime story about which we will surely hear more in the future.


Of further interest was that the accused had a criminal record, but was not deported, due to his home country’s refusal to take him back. So we can’t blame the diverse-criminal-friendly sanctuary city of San Francisco — this time.[ note: This answers James Fulford's query as to whether this was "Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome."]

We can blame Washington, particularly Congress and the State Department, for not producing a fix for this problem, which is not new. One worthy effort to solve the impasse was Congressman Ted Poe’s legislation in 2011 to require the State Department to deny diplomatic visas to countries that refuse to accept their deported criminal citizens. Congress should dust off that bill (HR 3256) and get it back on track.

S.F. slayings suspect avoided deportation in 2006, San Francisco Chronicle, March 26, 2012

Arrest Made In Suspected Immigrant Mass Murder In San Francisco

An arrest has been made in the quintuple killing at 16 Howth St. in San Francisco which I wrote about last night. It's unclear whether the victims, all Asian, or the suspect, ditto, are immigrants and thus whether this is technically an example of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome. But Binh Thai Luc is a Vietnamese name--he's described as a "San Francisco resident."

Immigrant Mass Murder in San Francisco?

Few details have been released in the killing of five Asians in San Francisco. In fact, until recently, the fact that they were Asian hadn't been released, and their identities and nationalities still haven't been released.

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