Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome

Immigrant Mass Murder In The 80s

Here's a case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome I had never heard of, via the book Worse Than Death: The Dallas Nightclub Murders and the Texas Multiple Murder Law .

Herostratus And Immigrant Mass Murder

James Bowman has a discussion of the Virginia Tech Massacre, school shootings, and passivity that starts like this:

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Strikes In Missouri

Yes, the killer of three people in that hostage-murder incident in a church in Neosha, MO on Sunday has now been revealed to be an immigrant - from Micronesia.

Nigerian Student Threatens Immigrant Mass Murder--MSM Calls Him "Southern Illinois Student"

Another case of "Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome" thwarted? His citizenship is unclear at the moment because he had two passports, but Olutosin Oduwole is a Nigerian name. The only places you find people named Olutosin Oduwole are (a) Nigeria, and (b) countries that allow immigration from Nigeria.

Alienation And Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome

Brenda Walker did an article fairly recently called Diversity Is Strength! It's Also...Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome. She also wrote about the effects of alienation in the Kurdish gangs of Nashville. Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome is what we seem to be looking at in the Abdulaziz Ibrahim case below.

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