Costs of Multiculturalism

"Avatar" - Obama's Christmas Dream?

Zoe SaldanaOn Wednesday I saw Avatar, the highly successful science fiction movie featuring computer-generated creatures adapted from actual actors.

Arab vs. Wilmington NC?

Following the Miami demonstration, further evidence of the glories of immigration from the Middle East comes from Wilmington NC: Palestinian Americans rally in downtown Wilmington to raise awareness by Jon Evans WNECT Wilmington Jan 9, 2009 06:10 PM EST

L.A. Times concedes: Christmas War Denial fallacious.

Christmas this year has seen the massive use of a comparatively new and particularly absurd tactic by the Christophobic forces—War on Christmas Denial.

The Deniers parrot, to the extent of well over a hundred op-ed articles and editorials, that no effort has been made to repress Christmas, usually adding that saying otherwise is evil/selfish/anti-religious-minority and other pleasant sentiments. I remarked on this last week.

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