Costs of Multiculturalism

In Walnut, California, Speaking English at City Council Meetings is Controversial

You can file this under the category "Why Do We Allow This?".   A proposal for  English-only   City Council meetings in a California town is controversial. From Proposal for "English Only" Council Meetings Leads to Civil Rights Questions [Caroline Tan, 4 NBC, July 18th, 2012]:

North Dakota: Somali Faces Trial for Quadruple Murder

imageIn North Dakota, Omar Mohamed Kalmio, a Somali national, is in jail, accused of murdering his girlfriend Sabrina Zephier, her mother, brother and the mother’s boyfriend.

Diversity Is Strength, And Cannibalism Too

A Chinese immigrant has been arrested in Shrewsbury, MA on charges of murdering his wife, and then eating her flesh. The press refers to him as a "Shrewsbury husband" although until November when he and his wife arrived from China, he was a "China husband", not something you're likely to see in a headline:

How To Sell Used Cars To African-Americans

Taking Judge Richard Posner's skeptical side in the debate with Malcolm Gladwell over the ethical rectitude of car salesmen, a commenter calls attention to these catchy low-rent commercials from the good old days of the Bush Bubble. Starring Washington D.C.-Baltimore area pro athletes like LaVar Arrington and Ray Lewis, they were hugely successful at increasing sales at Easterns Motors, a D.C.

Pakistanis Show Their Anger at America

Over in Pakistan, the Allah-bots are marching to declare their hatred of the United States.

“Peace with Jihad” reads one sign in the Lahore rally (shown below in the video). We know what that means — submission for infidels under Islamic sharia law. Muslims are all for peace, as long as it is according to their Islo-supremacist terms.

Santorum, Cain and Paul on Profiling Muslims

Profiling Muslims would make our air travel safer and failure to do so was a cause of the 9/11 terrorist attack. [See Ten Years After 9/11 - Can We Have Israel-Style Airport Security Profiling Now, Please?]

Now the topic has entered the Republican presidential campaign, and several candidates have commented on it. Here are some excerpts from the Nov.

What Americans Can Learn Today From The Politics Of Confederate Secession

[Peter Brimelow writes: Needless to say, by no means all readers are Confederate sympathizers, or think that partition of the U.S. along demographic lines is desirable or inevitable—although this dark expectation is more widespread among Americans than you’d expect from MSM reporting.

It’s crucial to note, however, that this article by "Generation 5" is ultimately not about any specific political situation, but an analysis of the different personality types involved in creating any political change—making the key point that all of them necessary. Personally, I guess I’m a “Rhetorical Radical”—I am temperamentally inclined to what I’ve called the “Thick End of the Wedge Theory”. I gather that “Generation 5” doesn’t think that Rhetorical Radicals get much credit. Probably that means I won't get invited to the signing of the Immigration Moratorium & American Jobs Protection Act. Hey ho—I'm sure I'll be able to ask my old friend David Frum how it went!]

This year I have read a book that has changed some of my thinking on politics: The Road to Disunion, Vol. II: Secessionists Triumphant imageby William W. Freehling. This book is

Yes Virginia [Dare], There Is A “Cultural Marxism”

The Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik’s murderous rampage and the apologia that he drafted shortly before have intensified the debate about the term “cultural Marxism.”

Those who oppose the use of term insist that Breivik has revealed the “hate” that characterizes all users of this loaded designation. They claim that anyone opposing “cultural Marxism” is expressing their hatred for Third World immigrants, homosexuals and a long list of other various victims of Western discrimination. For example:

  • “The picture that's emerging is of an ordinary right-wing man stoked into anger by theories about ‘Cultural Marxism’ that originated on the anti-Semitic far right but have in recent years been spreading into more mainstream venues, promoted by the likes of Andrew Breitbart, among others.”

Norway terrorist Breivik was an ardent subscriber to theories of 'Cultural Marxism', By David Neiwert July 23, 2011 05:00 PM

  • “Based on online posts apparently by Anders Behring Breivik circulated in Norway, the alleged terrorist opposed multiculturalism and Muslim immigrants in Norway. Breivik championed opposition to ‘Cultural Marxism,’ a right-wing anti-Semitic concept developed primarily by William Lind of the US-based Free Congress Foundation, but also the Lyndon LaRouche network.”

Anders Behring Breivik: Soldier in the Christian Right Culture Wars, Chip Berlet July 23, 2011


In other words, we are to believe that people who speak about “cultural Marxism” are bigots trying to turn the clock back to the 1930s and 1940s, when generic fascists and European nationalists were free to kill Jews and other marginalized groups.

What is under attack, we are told, is the attempt by truly democratic governments and enlightened political elites to accommodate diverse cultures and lifestyles. This humane effort is being smeared as “cultural Marxism”—particularly when those engaged in this activity present a properly critical view of the racist, homophobic bourgeois societies that existed before the present reforms.

Those on the other side of this question are equally engaged. But, unlike their opponents, they don’t enjoy the effusive support of public administrators, educators, and the media.

The critics of “cultural Marxism” are targeting what they see as the intellectual roots of the cultural

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