Costs of Multiculturalism

Pew Research's Dimock to Ripon Society: Younger Americans Less White, More Liberal

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Flying Asylum Seekers To Uganda—More Common Sense In Israel, Less In America

From Haaretz:
Israel secretly flying asylum seekers to Uganda 

$3,500 inducement, pressure to leave, harsh conditions are spurring detainees to go, says one. 

Death And The “Glass Ceiling”—Asian Fraternity Hazing Ritual All About Racial Resentment

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Immigrant Bomb-Threat Syndrome: A New Category?

Eldo Kim, Korean Immigrant Eldo Kim, a  Harvard University sophomore who apparently felt unprepared for the final exam in his GOVERNMENT 1368: "The Politics of

The War on Christmas in the Netherlands

Just because your country doesn't celebrate December 25th doesn't mean you can't have your very own War on Christmas. In the New York Times, a black Dutch writer says:
WHEN I was growing up in Amsterdam in the 1970s, the phenomenon of Santa Claus was relatively unknown. Christmas was celebrated without Santa and mostly without gifts. St. Nicholas — Sinterklaas in Dutch — was the man with the presents. Why the Dutch Love Black Pete
If one had the good fortune to be Jewish, one received presents not only on Dec. 5, the eve of Sinterklaas’s name day, but also at Hanukkah. Only in recent years has Santa Claus, who comes on Dec. 25, made his rise to stardom in Holland, and today a Dutch child — or a Dutch adult for that matter — no longer has to be Jewish to cash in twice in December. 
Sinterklaas arrives from Spain by steamboat in late November, travels farther on horseback, climbs onto roofs and on Dec. 5, known as “Pakjesavond,” drops presents through the chimney with the help of the Black Petes, a crew of dark-skinned helpers wearing large earrings who cavort and entertain and, as Dutch parents often tell their children, owe their blackness to chimney soot. ...
Until recently, Black Pete was uncontroversial.

Single Moms In The Army

In his article on the latest military diversity horror, Thomas Martel says "the welfare state and the military (rapidly becoming the same thing)...".

Tony Ng, Convicted In 1983 Immigrant Mass Murder, Gets Parole

Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who writes

I had forgotten about this incident. Not much to prevent him from re-entering the country under another persona.

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