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Will Both Clayton and DeKalb County Lose K-12 Accreditation?

Remember those all old commercials for LifeCall, where an old woman has fallen to the floor and hilarious quips, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?”

What Could Possibly Be Causing the Toilet Paper Shortage at Detroit Firehouses?

A White FirefighterDetroit firefighters don't have toilet paper. (Pictured right, a white firefighter.)

Of Course Romney Pays Only 14 Percent Income Tax—He Doesn't Have A Job.

Libertarian Joanne Skousen has a point about Romney's low tax rate that most people miss—Romney doesn't have a job. This is his savings, his retirement income that he he's paying tax on.

Only 14 Percent?

by Jo Ann Skousen  |  Posted October 20, 2012

Germans And Slavery

In Steve Sailer's Blackface in Berlin item below, playwright Bruce Norris  refused to allow his play

The Test Score Gap: Nobody is even trying to make sense anymore

From Friday's NYT, a good example of the current conventional wisdom about The Gap: few African-Americans do well enough in math to get into Stuyvesant High School because their mothers didn't teach them enough English words (unlike, presumably, all those Stuyvesant students whose mothers don't speak English at all).

Before a Test, a Poverty of Words 


Will American Males be Limited by STEM Quotas?

We're told that we don't have enough students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs. In fact that's one of the justifications for importing more foreigners into these fields.

Yet, if Obama wins reelection, the federal government may be limiting the main source of STEM students - American males.

You would think that in a free country, people could study what they want. But, apparently that won't be the case for STEM students in Obama Term II. It sounds rather totalitarian.

More On George Romney, Mitt Romney, And "Civil RIghts"

Matthew Richer's article Like Father, Like Son—Betraying The GOP Base Is A Romney Family Tradition goes into detail about the  record of George Romney, father of Mitt, and Governor of Michigan in the 1960s. I've found more material:

Could Romney Actually Be SOUND (!!!) On Affirmative Action?


Affirmative Action - Achilles Heel for Obama Campaign?

In a very enterprising piece of journalism, Andrew Miga of Associated Press has produced the most encouraging news yet about Mitt Romney (probably unintentionally):

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