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15 Years of VDARE’s “Diversity Visa ” Lottery Archives–America’s Craziest Immigration Program

The Diversity Visa is in the news because it led [...]

Jeff Flake Diversity Visa “Lie” + Kinsley Gaffe–He’s BOASTING About Failed Gang Of 8 Amnesty/Immigration Surge

Here’s Jeff Flake replying to Trump’s pointing out that the [...]

A West Texas Reader Comments On The Loony Diversity Visa

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post The Uzbek Muslim, The Diversity [...]

23 and Me: Did Uzbek Uber Ussassin Help Bring in 23 Relatives?

From the New York Times: Trump Seeks to End Visa [...]

Derb’s October Diary: Diversity Visa Terror, Sacco And Vanzetti, Jared Taylor’s Book,Etc.

Livin' In A World Of Fools.     As I prepare to post this diary, on the morning of November

The Uzbek Muslim, The Diversity Visa and Terrorism

With Diversity Visas back in the news as the Uzbek [...]

Senators Cotton and Perdue Discuss RAISE Act with Tucker Carlson

There is plenty of chatter about immigration flying around the [...]

7% Of Ghana Has Applied For Visas To Immigrate Here. That’s Just For Starters.

From the interesting webzine Quartz Africa: Ghanaians had more applications [...]

The World’s Dumbest Immigration Program: The Visa Lottery

As part of Ted Kennedy’s not very successful efforts to [...]

Tom Cotton’s Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act Would Cut LEGAL Immigration To Save American Jobs

Here at VDARE.COM we can’t endorse legislation. But we can [...]