Diana West Calls For Obama`s Impeachment, Citing Administrative Amnesty

We`ve applauded the MSM columnist Diana West several times over the years, and I was particularly touched when she bravely cited me in a 2006 column and in her 2007 book, The Death of the Grown Up, something that the intensifying Cultural Marxist ...

Blog - Peter Brimelow - 02/09/14, 4:04 am

House GOP “Hits Wall” On Amnesty/ Immigration Surge—- Chance To Write John Boehner!

We know from bitter experience that "immigration reform" a.k.a. Amnesty/ Immigration Surge never dies, but it does seem to be looking poorly:House Republican leaders are facing a wave of opposition from their rank and file on a plan to move ahead ...

Blog - Peter Brimelow - 02/07/14, 3:38 am

Rubio Threatens General Administrative Amnesty—Commenters Ask: So Why Not Impeachment?

Marco Rubio (Conquistador-FL) is trying a new, even more illogical, argument to stampede patriot opponents of his Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill:If Congress doesn’t pass a comprehensive immigration reform law in the next year then President ...

Blog - Peter Brimelow - 08/13/13, 9:01 pm

Obama`s Plan B: Amnesty By Presidential Fiat. The Only Answer: Impeachment.

The 2013 Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill has never been the sure thing the Treason Lobby/ MSM has portrayed, and now Plan B has been run up the flagpole: universal expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. If the House GOP won`t cave, ...

Blog - Federale - 08/09/13, 6:30 pm

A Minnesota Reader Has A Suggestion: Impeach The Next President—Sight Unseen!

From: Ronald Kyser (email him) Writers at— Peter Brimelow  and  Patrick Cleburne in particular—keep calling for impeachment. Fine, but it`s too late to impeach the old administration, and too early to impeach the new. Or ...

Letters - Reader - 11/01/12, 5:28 am

Obama Regime`s Administrative Amnesty: Impeachment Is The Only Answer

Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and the other Republican presidential hopefuls have still not responded on their campaign websites to the Obama Administration’s confirmation, in a letter from Homeland Security (sic) Secretary Janet Napolitano to ...

Article - Federale - 08/27/11, 8:58 am