Thoughts On Comment Threads: They`re More Significant Than Most Realize

John Derbyshire’s article on comment threads made interesting points. A few thoughts: Like millions of conservatives, I get a lot of my news by reading Drudge Report. In such stories, almost all the commenters are likely coming from Drudge, so ...

Blog - Washington Watcher - 05/16/13, 8:45 pm

Gun Control And The Second Inaugural—Democrats May Not Have Seen The Light On Gun Control, But They`re Still Feeling The Heat

In my recent article Gun Control—Like Immigration Law, Enforced Only Against Those Who Obey It, I checked out Obama`s inauguration speech for a reference to gun control, but all I found was the passing mention of the Newtown murders:Our journey is ...

Blog - James Fulford - 01/24/13, 6:45 pm