A Washington State Reader Wonders If General Kelly’s Ebola Warning Will Checkmate Amnesty

From: Robin Corkery [Email him] One hopes this won’t be a career ender for General John F. Kelly, head of U.S.  Southern Command, but if this comment of his gets more play between now and  the end of the year it just might make it  more ...

Letters - Reader - 10/13/14, 12:21 am

A Washington State Reader Writes On Mia Farrow’s Political Acumen

Re: James Fulford`s blog post  Mia Farrow:"In Our Hearts We Know That If Trayvon Had Been A Blond Boy..." From: Robin Corkery [Email him] I met Mia Farrow many years ago at a film festival which caused us to have intermittent conversations over ...

Letters - Reader - 07/11/13, 6:15 am

A Washington State Reader On Chef Eddie Huang, Ungrateful Taiwanese Immigrant

From: Robin Corkery [Email him] One of the alleged benefits of the radical increase in diversity America has enjoyed since the 1965 Immigration Act is the vibrancy it has brought our formerly bland society. Just listen to Chef Eddie Huang, ...

Letters - Reader - 02/26/13, 5:25 am

A Washington State Reader Has More On John Boehner

Re:Patrick Cleburne`s article LaTourette Achievement: Speaker Boehner Explains Why Speaker Boehner Has To GoFrom: Robin Corkery (e-mail him) Boehner long ago lost sight of principle in favor of "pragmatism".  At a reception for my Congresswoman ...

Letters - Reader - 08/07/12, 6:43 am

A Washington State Reader Notes An Easing In The Shortage Of Nurses—Apparently Professional Nursing Is A Job That Americans Are Willing To Do

[Previous Letter:A North Carolina Reader Reports On An American Patriot Fired For Talking Back To His Diversity Trainer]From: Robin Corkery [Email him] readers may remember dire warnings of a U.S. nursing shortage in the nineties and ...

Letters - Reader - 01/04/12, 7:43 am