POLITICO’s Samuelsohn Cheer-Leads Environmentalist Sell-Out (And We Mean Sell-Out) To Treason Lobby

The Senate has “opened debate” on S. 744, the nation-breaking Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill—the first crucial vote comes at 2.15 pm today, June 11—but the Main Stream Media knows that the only way it will pass is if debate is closed. ...

Article - Brenda Walker - 06/11/13, 7:31 am

The Knoxville Horror (Yet Again): George Thomas Conviction Shows Justice Expensive, Agonizing, Grudging In Multicultural America

Voices from Knoxville “Time to hear some more bulls---t.” —Gary Christian, victim’s father, on his way into the courtroom, on Day 1“It kept going on and on. You start to get numb. If it was me, I’d have hired someone to do it right. ...

Article - Nicholas Stix - 05/22/13, 7:50 am

Comprehensive Immigration Reformers` Hysterical and Hypocritical Campaign To Link Opponents To Abortion (Again)

As Editor Peter Brimelow noted in his roundup of the current Amnesty push, the most important thing to keep in mind is that “We’ve been here before—several times.” Thus the Main Stream Media (MSM) has recently been hyping as news ...

Article - Washington Watcher - 02/22/13, 6:03 am