One Old Vet Daily Amnesty Summary: 34 Stories (Drudge 0)

Today our friend One Old Vet has a compendium of 34 Amnesty related stories here.At present The Drudge Report has none. That figures. Earlier Drudge had carried a Politico story Hispanics set to overtake whites in California but that must have been ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 02/01/13, 9:43 pm

One Old Vet`s Daily Summary

Yesterday I noted that One Old Vet is a better supplier of immigration news aggregation than the possibly ADD-afflicted Drudge Report.The story volume is so huge that OOV has taken to running a daily summary. Today’s is here.I fear for his ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 01/31/13, 10:27 pm

Is One Old Vet Right That Steve King`s Birthright Citizenship Bill Is A Fraud?

Is Steve King really serious? On Tuesday I pointed out in Is The Birthright Citizenship/Anchor Baby Issue Igniting? How To Track that progress on Congressman Steve King’s Anchor Babies Loophole Bill H.R. 140 can be monitored by following the ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 01/12/13, 2:27 am

Drudge Returns To Patriotic Side: Terrible News For Treason Lobby

Drudge: "MSM blockade-breaking is why readers come to my site" Increasingly it looks as if the good Drudge news is real – this immensely popular site (“Visits To Drudge…1,029,617,707 visits Past 31 Days”) seems to have shifted to running ...

Article - Patrick Cleburne - 04/27/13, 8:24 am

Sessions For President? Immigration Patriot Faces Down Reconquistas

Grim times call for grim menFrom my vantage point observing the sewer run of 2013 Amnesty War news, it has become clear that Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has emerged as this year’s patriot champion. Sessions is not only excellent on Amnesty ...

Article - Patrick Cleburne - 02/26/13, 6:32 am

A Bleg: Where is One STDV?

A Bleg (to use John Derbyshire’s felicitous phrase): Does anyone know what has happened to One STDV?This valuable blog seems to have shut down and eliminated its archives.As I remarked at the time of the demise of Carrie`s Nation, we at ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 07/18/12, 8:02 pm