State Secession: 51st State, Or Redrawing The Current State Borders To Fit The People?

On Buzzfeed, Hunter Schwarz has a post making fun of the idea of state secession—not secession from the United States, but one part of a state seceding from anothor:What America Would Look Like If Everyone Who Wanted To Start Their Own State Got ...

Blog - James Fulford - 11/14/13, 11:31 pm

“Swedes”, Somalis, And Universal Jurisdiction

Law Professor Eugene Kontorovich has a Volokh Conspiracy post on the Obama Administration`s latest foray into anti-terrorism—the prosecution of some Somalis for terrorism that has no connection to American: didn`t happen in America, didn`t target ...

Blog - James Fulford - 01/03/13, 3:23 am