One Old Vet`s Amnesty Collections: Thursday 15, Friday 19, Saturday 21 – And Redemption For Drudge!!(?)

H/T One Old VetI allowed my attention to be distracted by the atrocity that was CPAC and consequently have fallen way behind covering the incredible industriousness of One Old Vet. On Thursday a compendium of 15 Amnesty items was posted, on Friday ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 03/17/13, 10:30 pm

Guns Don`t Murder. A (Certain Type Of) Person Murders

As AW Morgan noted for us in Uh-Oh—Media Matters Upset With Ann Coulter Over The Color Of Gun Crime, our intrepid friend has sent the bad-tempered bigots who congregate over there into frothing rage by pointing out a Hate Fact in saying  "If You ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 01/17/13, 1:12 am