Another Anonymous Reader (Now, More Than Ever!) Asks What Will Happen To Race Research In The Wake Of The Richwine Firing

Re: Peter Brimelow’s article “This Isn’t A Free Country”: The Heritage Foundation And The Fate Of Jason Richwine From: Another Anonymous Reader (Now, More Than Ever!) [Email him] I sincerely hope Jason Richwine is able to land on his feet ...

Letters - Reader - 05/12/13, 7:17 am

Milton Friedman: Immigration And The Cultural Prerequisites for Capitalism

 (First published as Why Liberalism Is Now Obsolete |Interview With Milton Friedman, by Peter Brimelow, Forbes Magazine, December 12, 1988). See also: Milton Friedman, Soothsayer, December 29, 1997 and An Interview With Milton ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 11/18/12, 9:38 am

US Courts Run By Elitist Law Clerks Who Hate America, And Think Iowa Is The Gulag

[See also The Fulford File| “Christophobia”—The Prejudice That Barely Has A Name, by James Fulford] A year or so ago, I noted on that there may be up to two dozen non-citizens working as federal judicial clerks. And I noted the ...

Article - Anonymous Attorney - 02/07/12, 6:55 am