NPR`s GOP/Big Money Discussion: Historic Americans (And Their Interests) Not Allowed

Reihan Salam: Conservative representative?Because I am deeply interested in the distorting and corrupting influence large donors are currently having on the Republican Party and the Conservative movement generally I took the time to listen to Big ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 10/25/13, 10:11 pm

Cantor`s Dream Amnesty Betrayal: Did Sheldon Adelson`s $5 Million Play A Role?

Cantor & Boehner: "Please Sir, Is there any more?"The uproar which has broken out following flowing Eric Cantor’s repeating of his Dream Act betrayal on Meet The Press on Sunday - Cantor: Children of illegal immigrants should get U.S. ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 02/13/13, 5:09 am

On Amnesty, Does Congress Have ADD (Adelson Dollar Disorder)?

S. Adelson: "I paid for this policy! The credit for this brilliant phrase belongs to Jim Lobe: Will Senators Succumb to ADD (Adelson Dollar Disorder) on Hagel? Lobe Log January 28, 2013. This caustic assessment of Sheldon Adleson’s influence ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 01/29/13, 8:22 pm

Romney: “I Intend To Make Life Miserable For Illegal Immigrants Until They Realize Their Place Is Not Here”

Israeli Minister Eli Yishai: Can we hire him? Well…actually the headline is a paraphrase of remarks by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai: "It is my intention to make life in Israel miserable for the Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators, ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 08/31/12, 11:35 pm