Obama Once Slept Here, On Uncle Omar`s Couch

Uncle Omar Onyango officially received his green card in court today, with Aunt Zeituni by his side to support him.  No surprise there.  The surprise was in the testimony.  According to The Boston Globe’s designated immigration ...

Blog - Matthew Richer - 12/09/13, 9:11 pm

Black Immigrants And Convergence To The Mean

Via Marginal Revolution, here`s a paper by Alison Rauh: Convergence Between Black Immigrants and Black Natives Across and Within Generations Traditionally, black immigrants to North America were bright African college students like Barack Obama Sr. ...

Blog - Steve Sailer - 12/20/13, 9:41 pm

Mother Of “Activist” Is Deportable Illegal: Strategic Deportation Or Strategic Amnesty?

In the story below, both the media and the authorities seem to think that the fact that the illegal who was being deported has a daughter who is an  "activist" is a reason not to deport her. Actually, it`s a good reason to do so, as it would ...

Blog - James Fulford - 01/13/13, 10:04 am

The Fulford File | Republican Legislators And The US Chamber Of Commerce Collude On Increasing Legal Immigration During Great Recession

Roy Beck wrote on the NumbersUSA blog in 2009:“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce`s reaction to a limited set of stricter rules for banks hiring foreign workers answers a bar debate that long has raged. The question has always been whether if we had ...

Article - James Fulford - 12/02/11, 6:29 am

Boston Herald Columnist Denounces Immigration Costs – Gets Huge Applause

Demonstrating its superiority over its Treason Lobby neighbor, The Boston Herald today allowed a columnist to publish There’s work to be done on immigration By Holly Robichaud Monday, September 5, 2011, which is a furious denunciation of the ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 09/06/11, 12:17 am