The Upcoming Bomb Brother Trial: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Dzhokhar

[With apologies to Wallace Stevens] [ note: This is a satire, satire, satire, SATIRE! It’s not 2014 yet, Lindsey Graham has not revealed himself as perfectly scrumptious, and no Bomb Brother acquittal has been announced (yet). However, ...

Article - Steve Sailer - 05/01/13, 5:54 am

GOP Establishment`s Jindal Message: No White Men Need Apply

Louisiana`s Jindal: "No White rivals for me!" For a number of years it has been clear that some sort of cabal at the center of Conservatism Inc is working hard to prevent the emergence of new GOP leaders who are men from Historic America. ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 02/04/13, 9:25 am

“Obama’s Demographic Gamble”—And Romney’s Failure to Challenge It

When the “Anti-Racist” witch hunters attack Editor Peter Brimelow by point’n’sputtering at some of his politically incorrect statements, they often mention his line that “race is destiny in American politics.” Brimelow was ...

Article - Alexander Hart - 11/05/12, 3:40 am

The Fulford File | White Share Update: BOSTON GLOBE’s Renee Loth Wrong On “The GOP’s Demographics Problem”—Romney COULD Win With The White Vote, He Just Hasn’t Tried

GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s share of the white vote—a.k.a. the votes of the historic American nation—is discussed in the Main Stream Media only as an embarrassment. The MSM apparently thinks Romney has too many white supporters. ...

Article - James Fulford - 10/14/12, 6:47 am