What’s Wrong With Enforcing The Law? Wall Street Journal`s Miriam Jordan vs. Kris Kobach, And Mitt Romney

Under a column caption which says “‘Law’ January 17, 2012" the Wall Street Journal’s, Miriam Jordan’s story entitled “Romney Faces Heat on Immigration” begins her assault on our Rule of Law withMitt Romney`s embrace of Kris Kobach, the ...

Article - Donald A. Collins - 01/18/12, 6:37 pm

SHOCK! Immivasion Damage To American Workers Noticed In WALL STREET JOURNAL!!!

  Somalian Meatpacker in Colorado (H/T Denver Post) Immigration Patriots are still reeling with shock this afternoon: the Wall Street Journal has published an Immigration story which actually mentioned negative aspects of the immivasion!!!! On ...

Blog - Patrick Cleburne - 08/23/13, 3:02 am

Memo From Middle America | Evangelical “Leaders” Need Reality Check—Evangelicals Don’t Support Amnesty

As an Evangelical, I’ve criticized the "Evangelical Immigration Table"—a self-appointed group of pro-amnesty Protestant churchmen—repeatedly. In February, I called them a “Treason Lobby Front”. Recently, Mike Flynn on ...

Article - Allan Wall - 06/08/13, 7:47 am

Tech Titans (And Wives): Have You No Shame About Bypassing US Citizens?

I guess that, when you get rich enough, you float in your own little world of noblesse oblige and feel, almost like a drug high, that you and your similarly-minded pals are above the law, above the mere bonds of common sense, probity and, egad, that ...

Article - Donald A. Collins - 03/08/12, 7:11 am

Chipotle’s CEO Whines For “Immigration Reform” After Flouting Our Immigration Laws

Ah, there is nothing like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar! Even the pro-business Wall Street Journal tells it like it is in its December 19, 2011, “A CEO’s Demand: Fix Immigration. After Chipotle Is Stung By Crackdown, Its Chief ...

Article - Donald A. Collins - 12/23/11, 1:22 pm

Soledad O`Brien Wins VDARE.COM`s Seventh Annual Worst Immigration Reporting Award!

[Previous Winners: Andrew Lam, Pacific News Service, 2002; Michael Hiltzik, LA Times, 2003; Jim Spencer, Denver Post, 2005; Bart Jones And Mae ...

Article - Joe Guzzardi - 01/22/10, 9:00 am