A Chicago Reader Finds A Liberal Comparing The Syrians To WWII Jewish Refugees–Comparing Them To Nazis Would Be More Apt

 Re: James Fulford's blog item Jennifer Rubin: Let In The Syrians, Keep Out The “Belgians” From: Left Behind in Chicago [Email him] I note that National Liberal Media like the Washington Post is doubling down on the spin that the ...

Letters - Reader - 11/19/15, 9:26 pm

A Chicago Reader Compares Rand Paul’s “Run Away” Behaviour To To The Knights Of Monty Python

Re: James Fulford’s blog posts Rand Paul Runs Away From DREAMer; Steve King Speaks Truth To Power and Rand Paul Claims He Scuttled Away From Illegals To Do Media Interview–But Who With? From: Left Behind in Chicago [Email him] KY Senator ...

Letters - Reader - 08/08/14, 10:55 pm

A Chicago Reader Finds Some Suggestive Propaganda Marked “US Chamber of Commerce”

From: Left Behind In Chicago [Email him] I found these advertising flyers in my Chicago neighborhood. They could be propaganda against illegal immigration, but the theme is certainly true, the US Chamber of Commerce and various Latino power groups ...

Letters - Reader - 05/16/13, 5:16 am

A Chicago Reader Calls Any Reversal Of Mexican Immigration The Opposite Of A Catastrophe—A “Eutastrophe”

From: Left Behind In Chicago [Email him] Peter Brimelow and other excellent writers have written extensively on America`s post-1965 immigration catastrophe —a "catastrophe" defined here as: "a violent, sudden and unexpected change for ...

Letters - Reader - 01/09/13, 6:36 am

A Chicago Reader On Steve Chapman`s Treason Lobby Propaganda In The CHICAGO TRIBUNE

 From: Left Behind In Chicago [Email him] "Conservative" (yeah,  right) Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman [email him] has written a post election column demanding that the United States cease all efforts to secure our Southern border ...

Letters - Reader - 11/21/12, 8:26 am

A Chicago Reader Says Don’t Give Up On Politics—And Don’t Forget Immigration (Unlike Ron Paul)!

Re: A Massachusetts Reader Wonders Why We Even Bother With The Two Major Parties From: Left Behind in Chicago [Email him]  I would like to request that not publish any more defeatist letters from tired old men whose only efforts in ...

Letters - Reader - 08/17/12, 7:45 am