John Stuart Mill, The BNP, And The U.K.`s Dying Democracy

For over a year now, I have been writing for about the British National Party (BNP), the main British/ white nationalist ...

Article - Sean Gabb - 01/19/11, 9:00 am

Richard Lynn On A Century of IQ In Britain And The U.S.

[This article appears in the current, Summer 2013 issue, of the U.K. quarterly magazine Salisbury Review] The intelligence quotient or, to give its popular acronym, IQ, has now achieved its centenary. This measure of our thinking, problem-solving, ...

Article - Richard Lynn - 07/07/13, 7:24 am

Political Correctness At Elite Law Schools: It’s Not The Professors, It’s The Students—Which Is Why You Should Give To!

Law School Wars: Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow [Email her] recently gave a written statement to a Federalist Society conference on Intellectual Diversity in which, after repeating some trite quotes from John Stuart Mill, she wrote that ...

Article - John Reid - 05/31/13, 9:22 am