John Rocker: Rubio Is “The Man Who Will Merge The DNC With The GOP”

Readers may remember baseball pitcher John Rocker from a 1999 controversy in which he was ordered to undergo psychiatric testing after making un-PC remarks in an interview. He eventually retired from baseball, went into real estate, published an ...

Blog - James Fulford - 02/13/13, 1:57 am

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Riley Cooper Would Have Got in Less Trouble for Committing Murder

Under the current Minority Occupation Government, the historic American nation exists only to be exploited. And the worst crime for Americans is not murder, rape, or treason—but whites saying a forbidden word. The destruction of a public figure ...

Article - Paul Kersey - 08/04/13, 9:17 am

America’s Reaction To Paula Deen Suggests Elite’s Show Trial Strategy About To Backfire

The soft tyranny of Political Correctness is steadily transforming into outright Cultural Marxist totalitarianism – and it is starting on QVC. Legal changes are part of it. The hapless “conservative” movement met with three decisive ...

Article - Paul Kersey - 06/30/13, 6:10 am

Why Do Only Whites Lose Jobs Over Racial Remarks?

In his 1993 book Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism, the late Sam Francis wrote, "the practice of ruining a white person once a year in honor of Dr. [Martin Luther] King is becoming a national ...

Article - Peter Bradley - 02/12/08, 9:00 am