The Fulford File: “Would-Be Demagogues Should Note”—Herrnstein, Murray, Richwine And The Decades Old Attempt To Stifle The Immigration Debate

Commenting last week on the Heritage Foundation’s despicable firing of Jason Richwine, Editor Peter Brimelow wrote: The facts about the differing average IQ levels of the various post-1965 immigrant streams have been settled science for ...

Article - James Fulford - 05/17/13, 3:48 am

Ron Unz On Minimum Wage And Peter Brimelow For President

Ron Unz has more his minimum wage proposal, and credits us at, a $12.00 minimum wage would completely eliminate many of those lowest-rung jobs drawing illegals while drawing citizens and legal residents to fill the remainder, ...

Blog - James Fulford - 02/27/13, 4:17 am

The Subversive Realism Of Lena Dunham’s Whitopian Comedy GIRLS

Most readers are probably not in the 18-35 year old liberal female target demographic of the HBO darkish comedy series Girls, which premiered its second season and won the Golden Globe for best comedy series on Sunday, January ...

Article - Timothy Barnett - 01/19/13, 8:39 am

Why Do Patriots Hate National Review?

Peter Brimelow writes: The tree-based National Review has just published a cover story entitled Keeping Blacks Poor by staff writer Kevin D. Williamson, [subscriber link] with the picture you see on the left.  It`s a piece of harmless, quite ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 01/26/10, 9:00 am

New York Times Discovers Mass Immigration`s Impact On U.S. Hospitals

[Peter Brimelow notes: Long-time immigration enthusiast ...

Article - Sam Francis - 04/17/03, 9:00 am