Jeb: “But [immigrants] Learn English.” Has Columba?

In the Washington Post, Greg Sargent writes: This morning [...]
Another dull day at the Israeli border

HAARETZ: “All Is Quiet at the Eye of the Storm.”

Although Europeans are assured by their rulers that nothing can [...]

Germans Build Anti-Arab Fence for Arabs

You may be wondering why Syrian and Iraqi refugees are [...]
The Israelis built 143 miles of this in three years for $380 million.

EU Denounces Hungary & Bulgaria Negotiating with Israel to Buy Border Fences

From Reuters‘ today: Exclusive: Migrant crisis spurs European interest in [...]
Israeli soldiers patrol next to the border fence on border with Syria, in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights.

Israel’s Very Effective Golan Heights Fence

As I pointed out yesterday, while you are hearing about [...]
This is a peaceful 1975 march, commemorating an event that was already ten years old.

The Further We Get Into the Obama Era, the More the Media Is Living in the Past

The New York Times Editorial Board thunders: The Truth of [...]
adios Jeb

Another Trump Effect: Jeb Bush Declares For A Bilingual America. Limbaugh Disgusted

Reeling from Donald Trump’s attack on his campaigning in Spanish, [...]
The $PLC thinks  anthropologist Henry Harpending is an "extremist." But it's the truth that's extremist...

HBD Blogging Season Opens

Human-science bloggers are waking from their August slumbers. JayMan has [...]

James Bond Turning Black–And No Complaints Allowed!

Anthony Horowitz, the author of the latest James Bond novel [...]

DNC Hires Illegal And Brags About It; What Will GOP Do?

  Illegal immigrant Cindy Nava with Joe Biden, Rep. Michelle [...]