The Fraying of the Fringes: Black NBA Players Violence Against Chinese-American Jeremy Lin

Keh   From the front of Open Season on [...]

Please Clap: At Sharpton’s Panderfest, Hillary Flails to Smattering of Applause

From the NYT: Hillary Clinton Gets Tepid Response at Black [...]
The Japanese aren't diverse--and they like it.

Immigrationism as Bait and Switch–Diversity Is A Scam

From Politico: Should We Be Turning Japanese? With economic instability [...]
Above, four Somalis out of six who were arrested in Minnesota in 2014 for trying to join ISIS.

Minnesota: Still Trying to Prevent Somali Jihad with Expensive Social Programs

How insane is a government policy that continues to import [...]

Paul Ryan Calls In Democrats To Help With Bailout of Puerto Rico

It’s become a standard pattern for Speaker of the House [...]

Trump Fraternity Bros Vs SJWs

College fraternities are public enemy number one on college campuses, [...]

Tom Friedman Watches the Land Raft Assemble in Africa and Head for Europe

Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash borrows from Jean Raspail’s [...]

HBD Watch: Putnam Competition Results

Results of the 2015 Putnam Mathematical Competition for math undergraduates [...]
alpha centauri

Interstellar Travel And Immigration

From The Atlantic: Inside a Billionaire’s New Interstellar Mission Yuri [...]
Above, illegal alien Edwin Mejia (left) killed Sarah Root, yet was allowed to post bond from jail and disappear.

Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, Is Granted Bail and Disappears

Funny how after all these years of Americans being run [...]