Clinton Calls for “Open Borders to All”–Bill Clinton’s September 10, 2001 Australia Speech

From The Melbourne Age: “Open borders to all:” Clinton by [...]

Thanks, Ted–Pre-1965 America Really NEEDED That

Before Ted Kennedy’s immigration bill opened the diversity door fifty [...]

Minnesota Tries Expensive Social Programs to Cool Jihad Ardor among Somali Immigrants

Every time the government takes another look at America-residing Muslims [...]

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Says Stop to Mega Immigration-Population Growth

Senator Sessions issued a press release on Monday along with [...]
Google’s self-driving city cars are now being tested on streets in Silicon Valley.

Automation: Sixty Minutes Promotes Self-Driving Cars

The CBS premier news magazine show included an entirely laudatory [...]

Black Gentle Giant Sentenced To Life For Rape And ATTEMPTED Murder, Still Has To Be Tried For Two Murders

A judge in Fairfax County, Va., has sentenced Gentle Giant [...]

National Lawyers Guild Report On Racial Profiling In Berkeley Proves Nothing More Than That Blacks Have A High Crime Rate

The reality  is that there isn’t enough racial profiling going [...]

Asylees in Germany Expected to Bring in 4 to 8 Family Members

From Reuters today: Germany now expects up to 1.5 million [...]

McCarthy v. Chaffetz on Immigration

From NumbersUSA. Commenter Lot says: Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield is [...]

DEATH WISH Fan Donald Trump Channels Charles Bronson In Response To Oregon Shooting

We inch closer and closer to the speech by Donald [...]