The refugee center holding 14-to-17-year-olds in western Sweden where Mezher was killed.

Sweden: Police Flee Angry Mob in Refugee Facility, and Other Anarchy

Note the details in this story: first, 10 officers (a [...]
Indo-Canadian  NEW REPUBLIC columnist Jeet Heer.

Memo To Jeet Heer, Ramesh Ponnuru: “White Identity Politics” IS American Patriotism!

Not only is the Trump-trumped MSM exhuming my late friend Sam [...]
REASON Magazine’s editor Nick Gillespie

The UnREASONableness Of REASON’s Nick Gillespie

Reason Magazines‘s editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie has a post mocking National [...]

Borjas On Mariel: Wages WERE Affected

Computer scientist and patriotic immigration activist Dr. Norm Matloff writes [...]
Senator Jeff Sessions at a Trump rally in Alabama, wearing a "Make America Great Hat"

Trump Brings on Sessions Aide As Senator Backs Trump on Trade

Ted Cruz has been bolstered by two critical endorsements for [...]

NATIONAL REVIEW Against Trump: Do They Actually Have Readers?

Pic: See John Derbyshire Lacking the resources of National Review [...]

College Students, Stereotypes, And The War on Knowledge

From The Atlantic: Do White College Students Believe Stereotypes About [...]
Charlie Hunnam, born in Newcastle, England, has been playing white American criminals with no complaints from the white acting community.

Twitter: White British Actor Can’t Portray Mexican Drug Lord–Even If The Drug Lord Is White

Twitter, the LA Times, informs us, is abuzz because Charlie [...]
A statue to "Divine" of PINK FLAMINGOS is proposed for Baltimore, which is removing statues of Robert E. Lee.

As Confederate Monuments Come Down in 65% Black Baltimore, Drive To Build Statue To Feces-Eating Drag Queen Gains Traction

In 2015, the state of Alabama and South Carolina both [...]
Uncovering dangerous facts...

On NATIONAL REVIEW Obeying Its Paymasters

Last week’s ponderous anathematization of Donald Trump by National Review [...]
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