More On Reconquista DJ Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo Falsifying Letters In 2007—This Seems To Have Been Unlucky For Everyone Involved

More details of this accusation against Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo: 

Reconquista DJ Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo Not Only Accused Of Sexual Harassment, But Of Falsifying Letters In Support Of Amnesty

From the KTLA website:

Outsourcing Equifax Smacked for 18 Million

It`s rare that a plaintiff`s suit gets me cheering, but it was nice to read about the Oregon

Patriotic Immigration Reform, Not Social Issues, Will Win In Virginia

I agree with A.W. Morgan’s speculation about Ken Cuccinelli’s 180 on immigration.  Cuccinelli  switched because The pro-homosexual, pro-abortion

Senator Sessions Urges Republicans to Seize Immigration Limits as a Winning Issue

Jeff Sessions, a leader against the Senate’s destructive amnesty bill in recent months, has sent a memo to

Cuban Hidalgo Rallies Rich Republicans To Back Rubio Bill

Janet Yellen v. Larry Summers: What Is And What Should Never Be Respectable Identity Politics

From the NYT: In Tug of War Over New Fed Leader, Some Gender Undertones By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM and

Gang Bill Blocks Border Patrol From Querying Illegals Who Look Like Illegals

H/T One Old Vet

SLATE`s Dickerson: Bad Blood In Washington Will Defeat Amnesty

It was Sam Francis who wrote, long ago, that when the Stupid Party joins with the Evil Party

John McCain: The New Lowell Weicker, Another “Turd In The Punchbowl” Of The GOP

The AP reports—although it`s not exactly news anymore—that Senator John McCain (Traitor - Ariz.) has a new BFF: