Google Reads Steve Sailer!

Opening up Google this morning I was confronted by the [...]

Ta-Nehisi Coates Finds His Body Fascinating, Is Sure Everybody Else Does, Too

From The Atlantic: Letter to My Son “Here is what [...]

Speaking Truth to Power, French-Style

Here is an inadvertently funny New York Times article about [...]

Minnesota Not Quite as Close to Canadian Border Anymore

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, another article about Minnesota struggling [...]

McDonalds Now Most Hated Fast Food Chain/Racist, Homophobic Chik-fil-A Most Supported

[See Also: Diversity is Strength! It’s Also… The End of McDonalds?] [...]

THOSE WHO CAN SEE: Progressive Responses To Spree Killings OF Non-Muslim Nonblacks BY Muslims And Blacks:

M.G., who runs the stone-kicker blog “Those Who Can See,” [...]

Still No AMERICAN SPECTATOR Review Of ADIOS AMERICA. Aaron Goldstein Still Of Immigrant Stock.

A few days ago, I tweaked The American Spectator‘s Aaron [...]

An Astonishing Discovery in the History of Social Theory: Contraceptive Implants Help Minorities!

Amazingly enough, it turns out that when the government and [...]

Francisco Sanchez, Undocumented Worker or Documented Felon? NYT Won’t Say!

The New York Times has not gotten around to assigning [...]

Interesting Partial Defense Of Confederate Flag-Flying By HEEB’s Jewdar

Heeb magazine is targeted at a certain strata of the [...]