Extremely Drunk “New Mexico Man” Has Sex with Woman While Driving, Crashes SUV, Abandons Naked, Injured, Sex Partner, And Flees

Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this one.

Red Chinese Spies Are Welcomed to America by Business and Universities

For once, I think The Five’s resident liberal Bob Beckel has it right about something: Red China is

Australian TV Takes a Look at Immigration Assimilation: Brisbane Has A “Little Africa” Where Whites Are Unwelcome

In Australia, the assimilation of ultra-diverse immigrants does not appear to be going well, as reported by a

Again, Why Was Todashev Granted Asylum?


NumbersUSA Ad: Immigration “Reform” Adds 33 Million Competitors to Jobless Americans

From NumbersUSA.[A tip ‘o the hat to Glaivester.]

Limbaugh Talking Immigration Again

We`ve had mostly bad news or no news on Rush Limbaugh`s immigration coverage, but today, according to a

Obama`s LSAT Score? (And Has Any Journalist EVER Asked Him About Them?)

From Breitbart in 2012: A new, self-published book [Barack O`Liberal] by “pragmatic libertarian” Ala

Sheldon Adelson Buying National Republican Congressional Committee

S. Adelson: I bought it all! The disgusting and American-despising Michael Bloomberg owns Bloomberg News and it

Soviet Nightmare Comes To Britain—After Woolwich, British Police Arrest CRITICS Of Islam

A nightmare haunted those unlucky enough to find themselves behind the Iron Curtain which the Soviet Union clanged

Democrat Ed Markey Winning The Massachusetts Latino Vote—In Spite Of The GOP Candidate Being Token Hispanic Gabriel Gomez

Yesterday’s Boston Herald reports that Ed Markey, the Democratic nominee in the special election to replace
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