"Fighting Gentrification" means using threats to keep white people from moving in.

Gentrification’s Battlefront in L.A.–“Activists” Threaten White Real Estate Agents, Visitors

Los Angeles, with its lovely climate, offers perhaps the the [...]
The hoaxer went to the trouble of writing the word "FAG" on the case in matching icing, and BUSINESS INSIDER has pixelated it.

Latest Hate Hoax: Why Call It “Unlikely?”

From Yahoo News: Whole Foods is using security footage to [...]

Dr. Heather Hackman: Grades And Showing Up On Time Are Examples Of “White Supremacy”—And “Super Whitey” (Normal Teachers) Will Be Swept Aside!

The Daily Caller is checking up on the 17th Annual [...]

Finland’s Soldiers Of Odin Spread To Canada

The purpose of Vice magazine, like most Main Stream Media outlets, is [...]
Above, Joshua Wilkerson (left) was killed in 2010 by fellow student and illegal alien Hermilo Moralez who bragged about his martial arts “killing skills” at trial.

House Immigration Committee: Two Mothers Tell of Children Killed by Illegal Aliens

On Tuesday, the House Immigration Subcommittee held a hearing titled [...]

Sailer In TAKIMAG: The San Fran Whitening Plan

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine: The city of [...]

Trump Wins Crushing Victory In New York As Narrative Shifts

Post-Wisconsin, there were subtle signs the Narrative was poised to [...]
Above, a helicopter tests for radiation along the Boston Marathon route.

Security Costs of Boston Marathon Quadruple since 2013

On Monday morning, former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis committed [...]

Ralph Peters On 9/11 Report: Saudi Arabia Is America’s Enduring Enemy

Saudi Arabia has been in the news recently and in [...]
Trump, in his capacity as real estate developer, meets with the late Ed Koch, mayor of New York, and critic of black crime.

“As Donald Trump Speaks, Some Voters Hear Echoes of Ed Koch”–Is The NYT Deliberately Engaging In Self-Parody?

Virginia Heffernan pointed out a number of years ago in [...]