Trump and Trigger Clickbait Generator at Female Gossip Site JEZEBEL

The important thing to remember about the Gawker media network [...]

Congratulations To’s Matthew Richer On The Birth Of His Daughter Olivia (Donald Trump’s Youngest Supporter ) writer Matthew Richer forwards the picture above, of his [...]

Jan Ting, Brave Patriotic Professor, Supports Trump Immigration Plan

If you were monitoring Google News for ‘Trump’ very closely [...]

California: Cricket (the Sport) Expands with Growth of Indian Immigrants

Monday’s San Francisco Chronicle has an article that’s an immigration [...]
These people all paid good money for this dangerous trip--the expect to make it all back in Europe.

How Facebook Fills the Mediterranean

From The Week: The appeal of Trump: Why immigration may [...]

ICE Grabs 244 Illegals With Criminal Records In LA In Just Four Days

The LA Times reports that immigration cops arrested 244 illegal-alien [...]
(He's SUPPOSED to be A US Congressman.)

CongressCreep Luis Gutiérrez–Latino Supremacist

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available free on [...]

Jorge Ramos on ABC, Threatening That Latinos Won’t Forget Trump Promoting “Bigotry and Hate”

In a previous blog, I discussed “Welcome to Trumpland“, [...]

Hours After Texas Officer Shot To Death, Black Lives Matter Chants More Threats To Police

A few weeks ago, armed members of the New Black [...]
HEIDENAU, GERMANY - AUGUST 26:  An onlooker holds a sign that reads: "Nation Traitor" during a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the nearby aslyum shelter that was the focus of recent violent protests on August 26, 2015 in Heidenau, Germany. Onlookers standing outside yelled: "Foreigners out!" and "Liar Press" ("Luegenpresse") during Merkel's visit and right-wing demonstrators clashed violently with police last weekend near the shelter. This is Merkel's first visit to a shelter for migrants seeking asylum in Germany. Germany is expecting to receive at least 800,000 migrants and refugees this year and the country has seen a spate of protests, arson attacks and violence by right-wing protesters opposed to the arrival of the migrants in recent weeks.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The Fire Rises…Germany Calls for Other EU States To Take in “Refugees”

Above, protesters don’t like Merkel–“Volks-Verraterin” means “betrayer of her people” [...]