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Trump: All Hat, No Campaign Consultants

From Politico: [Trump’s] spent only $12.4 million since then, with [...]

GUARDIAN Closes Comments Section On Immigration; Expresses Loathing Of Readers

[See Also: John Derbyshire Says If There Is Hope, It Lies [...]

From FOREIGN POLICY, 99 44/100ths Pure Conventional Wisdom: “The End of an Era … for White Males”

From Foreign Policy: The End of an Era … for [...]
FILE - In this Jan. 30, 2013 file photo, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. Senators weighing a landmark immigration bill defeated an effort by Republicans Tuesday to require biometric identification _ such as fingerprinting _ to track who is entering and leaving the country. The amendment by Sessions would have required a biometric system to be in place before any immigrant here illegally could obtain permanent residency or citizenship. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Counsels Americans to Vote Carefully

America’s Senator, Jeff Sessions, has some advice for American voters: [...]

EDUCATION REALIST Explains Trump Appeal

The blogger who calls herself Education Realist—and who, on the [...]
A recent murder map of Baltimore, post-Freddie Gray

The White Death and the Black Death

I coined the term “the White Death” to refer to [...]

Israel Considers Public Policy to Confront Automation Job Loss

Throughout the industrialized world, automation is making rapid inroads into [...]

Trump, Sanders And The Still-Unmentionable Corrupt Bargain Between Plutocrats And Dems

From the NYT: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Voters Share [...]

SLATE: How to Goodthink About the OJ Simpson Trial: OJ’s Acquittal Was “Justice in the Largest Sense”

The O.J. Simpson murder case was a luridly formative / [...]
Mondal’s town's main shopping centre is a no go zone for most people at night because they fear the armed gangs roaming the streets at night looking for trouble. H/T Daily Mail

To Track Europe’s ‘Refugee” Immivasion Disaster, Bookmark U.K.’s DAILY MAIL

Previously for instance in Why Is Merkel Turning Germany Majority [...]
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