In Mexico, Guadalajara Residents Don’t Want An Illegal Alien Shelter in Their Neighborhoods.

This is going on in Guadalajara,Mexico’s second-largest metroplex. Notice how [...]

Qatar Hosts 42 Syrian Refugees, But Will Spend $200 Billion to Throw Party for Itself

From Wikipedia in 2013: Qatar is sponsoring 42 Syrian refugees [...]

Proof That Speaking Spanish Is Uncool–Hillary’s Doing It!

The only thing uncooler than Hillary Clinton tweeting out this [...]
West Bank Wire Fence

Why Trump Fence Would be Better Than Trump Wall

Commenter Clyde writes: Key principles of Israeli fence building are: [...]

Washington Post: Jeb Speaking Spanish Sounds More Presidential, or Even More Generalissimoish

The Washington Post expands at great length upon my August [...]

Jeb: “But [immigrants] Learn English.” Has Columba?

In the Washington Post, Greg Sargent writes: This morning [...]
Another dull day at the Israeli border

HAARETZ: “All Is Quiet at the Eye of the Storm.”

Although Europeans are assured by their rulers that nothing can [...]

Germans Build Anti-Arab Fence for Arabs

You may be wondering why Syrian and Iraqi refugees are [...]
The Israelis built 143 miles of this in three years for $380 million.

EU Denounces Hungary & Bulgaria Negotiating with Israel to Buy Border Fences

From Reuters‘ today: Exclusive: Migrant crisis spurs European interest in [...]
Israeli soldiers patrol next to the border fence on border with Syria, in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights.

Israel’s Very Effective Golan Heights Fence

As I pointed out yesterday, while you are hearing about [...]