Bhutanese "refugees" at Manchester NH food bank

Trump Smashes “Refugee Children” Guilting Attempt At NH Townhall Meeting

H/T Pic New York Times Yet another attempt to Mau [...]
Not only are they not "brown", they look like they don't get outside enough.

Leon H. Wolf Thinks Cubans Like Cruz And Rubio Are “Brown People”

Phylis Schlafly wrote last year that Rubio shouldn’t be playing [...]
"Thou Shalt Not Mock"

Rubio And MLK Both Repeated Themselves–But Twitter Is Going A Little Crazy Over The Comparison

Most people thought it was kind of weird how Rubio [...]

A Reader Says That Immigration Patriot Santorum Endorsed Rubio Because Both Of Them Back Neocon Foreign Policy

Re: Allan Wall’s post “Santorum Drops Out–And Endorses Rubio” A [...]

Why Can’t Johnny Learn? Considering Governor Kasich as Illegal Immigration Ignoramus

Do modern communications not reach Ohio, where John Kasich is [...]
McDonald’s restaurants have begun replacing counter clerks with kiosks to save money, a process that has been accelerated by employee demands for higher wages.

Automation: Will Machines Replace Humans to Become the New Workforce?

Aside from techies, financial people appear to be the most [...]

Kaus On Kevin Williamson’s Rubio Apologetic: “Hard To Believe”

I’m going to miss Twitter if it goes away–this saves [...]

New Hampshire Preview: No Tribal Voting, But Trump Has Structural Advantage

Don’t trust the polls. As we learned in Iowa, the [...]

Take A Break From Politics: Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em

In his footnote to a Florida reader’s post yesterday, James [...]
George Bush speaks at the 2002 White House Conference on Increasing Minority Homeownership

Super Bowl Commercial: 8-minute Mortgages Are Good for the Economy…What?

This Super Bowl Rocket Mortgage commercial seemed to be aimed [...]
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