POLITICO’s Jim Vandehei in The WSJ: Time for Billionaire Liberation Front to Run a 3rd Party Candidate

The co-founder of Politico writes in the Wall Street Journal: [...]

Yglesias: Trump’s Northeastern Strength Represents “Who? Whom?”

From Vox, some 99 44/100th uncut Sailerism: Why Donald Trump dominates [...]
No, she wasn't.

No, Harriet Tubman Wasn’t A “Gun-Toting Republican”–And The Leftists Promoting The New Money Know It

I wish conservatives would shut down the ridiculous Facebook/Twitter memes [...]
Europe and the Middle East has millions of spare Muslims who would love to partake of the American infidels’ helpful welfare offices.

Administration Plots Massive Syrian Refugee Drop into America

For ages, the Obama crew has been claiming to screen [...]

Reassuring Derb And His Radio Derb Listener On E-Verify

Recently John Derbyshire enlightened readers on the problems with the [...]
Above, Minnesota-residing Somalis were arrested a year ago for trying to join ISIS. One of them, Gulec Omar (on the right) also planned to smuggle ISIS fighters across the Mexican border.

Even Somalis Know the Mexico Border Is a Sieve

It doesn’t bode well for America’s national security when even [...]

Self-Deporting Mexican Finds Success at Home

We immigration restrictionists love upbeat stories of Mexicans who forsake [...]

Erased and Replaced: Virtually No White Characters in Shakespeare’s Plays? That’s What Google Says!

The graphic above depicts nine human figures. How many are [...]

Fraying of the Fringes: “White Man or Black Woman? Senate Race Tears at Maryland Democrats”

Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-Chevy Chase, MD) holds the single [...]

When Was the Last Time the NYT Mentioned “Anti-Gentilism?”

Back in 2008 it finally dawned on me that the [...]