That Laquan McDonald Shooting In Chicago: A Counter-Take

Here (with a hat tip to Countenance Blog) is an [...]
A Burns Night haggis on a platter.

Radio Derb Is On The Air: Haggis On Burns Night, Etc.

Radio Derb is on the the air–sample quote: Thanksgiving, Christmas, [...]
The 1971 Washington Redskins cheerleaders--a memory of a more innocent time. (Or hateful racism, if you prefer.)

The GoodWhites At THE WEEK Hate The Redskins, Thinks They Ought To Hate Themselves

This is a standard Thanksgiving tweet from an NFL team: [...]

Hypocrite Alert: SALON Guilty Of Noticing, Traffics in Black Stereotype, the leftist hysteria website, has noticed that black smokers [...]

When Society Encourages Mean Girls to Bully Boys

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, whose 2012 book The Righteous Mind [...]
Trooper the Cat, supervising Thanksgiving preparations chez Brimelow.

Happy Thanksgiving From!

We here at are busy with the family, celebrating [...]

Expecting Thanksgiving Table Immigration Arguments? Prepare With The “Gumballs” Video!

In the first hour of his show on Wednesday (November 25, [...]

RRW Weekly Roundup For Week Ending November 21, 2015: Some Week!

Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup is up–Ann writes: It [...]

Syria and Obama the Muslimist–He Should Have Known Better

Syria was basically ruled by a Coalition of the Minority [...]
"Neo-Nativism" means that when they asked Americans if they now felt like a stranger in their own country, Americans said "Yes."

Survey Reports 58% of Americans Polled “Don’t Identify With What American Has Become”

From Breitbart, which has become an invaluable source for National [...]