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A Former U.S. Embassy Employee In China Says Pay Attention To Chinese Students; etc.


Ron Foreman (e-mail

Re: Brenda Walker`s Column:

Berkeley, CA—Still Part Of America But “The Waves Are
Lapping Higher All The Time”

Walker wrote a fine article.

It`s important to emphasize whether these Berkeley
students are children of

Mainland Chinese parents

and how many are Chinese citizens.

When I was in China from
1993-1995, there were 65,000

sponsored by the

Chinese government
from the mainland in the U.S.
None ever returned to China.

It is most likely near 200,000 now.

China has the best

system in the world, so I hope someone is paying

Foreman was a Captain in the USMC from 1961-1968; he
resigned his commission after returning from

. He entered the Foreign Service and retired
in 2001.

A previous letter from Foreman about Sen. John McCain is

and his Thanksgiving letter with recollections
of his father is

. Foreman`s most recent letter about his Foreign
Service experience in Niger is


Brenda Walker


It`s very odd to walk around an American university like
UC Berkeley and hear so much Chinese being spoken.
Perhaps they don`t think they need to practice their

UCB teaching assistants have
long been famous for incomprehensible English

and I
can`t imagine that it has gotten any better over the

I have no idea how many were born abroad. The difference
between foreign students and the children of immigrants
is practically non-existent. You can`t tell them apart.

Foreman is absolutely right about
Chinese spies
. It`s crazy to continue to let
students in so trustingly.

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An Arizona Teacher Considers Giving Barack Obama An “F” For Plagiarism


 Natalia J. Garland (e-mail

Would a 9th-grader do what

Barack Obama

did? That is, plagiarize parts of his "Just Words"
speech that he delivered in

in February. (Watch it on YouTube


would the

English teachers
of America say?

  • First, they would define plagiarism as copying another`s
    writing or stealing another`s ideas, and then presenting
    the material as one`s own.

That`s exactly what Obama did.

Obama later said, of course, that he had permission from
Massachusetts governor

Deval Patrick
to use the material. But this
statement from Obama was not made until Patrick was
revealed as the source.

  • Second, English teachers would say that it is important
    to teach students not to


How can a teacher explain Obama`s “borrowing” to
a 9th-grader? If Obama minimizes or normalizes the `”sharing
of material between friends, how do we teach students to
do their own research, use their own words, and develop
their own ideas?

I know what it`s like to teach in America`s schools.
Cheating is not stigmatized like it was when I went to
high school and on to college. So we don`t to set any
more bad examples from our presidential candidates.

If Obama had presented his "Just Words" speech in
my classroom, I would have given him two choices:

  • Accept a grade of “F” or,

  • Do the assignment over.

is not a matter of a persnickety English teacher. It is
instead an issue involving high standards and
expectations, as well as integrity.

I`m not inspired by Obama`s speech. I do feel
manipulated, however.


develops his own ideas. Why can`t Obama?

Garland, who lives in Arizona, is a licensed master
social worker and certified substitute teacher. Her blog


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An Ohio Reader Says Guzzardi Was Imprecise About Lutherans

From: Donald
Wisenor (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

Easter Question: Which Church Is The Top Treason

Guzzardi was imprecise in his column that commented
on Lutherans.

Not all eight million

in the U.S. are in the same church body.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
with five million members is a liberal, mainline

The next two largest groups, the

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
(LCMS), 2.5 million
members, and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
(WELS), 720 thousand members, are both conservative,
Bible-believing groups.

The majority of their members, I venture to say,
would disapprove of the pro-immigration activities he

Wisenor, who belongs
to WELS, formerly practiced criminal defense law in
Washington, D.C. He currently lives in Ohio and writes
that: “his views on immigration are in agreement with
those generally expressed at VDARE.COM”

Joe Guzzardi

Thanks to Wisenor for bringing this important
distinction to the attention of our readers.

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A Texas Reader Recently Quit The Methodist Church Partly Because Of Immigration


Jeffrey Farmer (e-mail

Guzzardi might be interested to know that I recently
left the United Methodist Church for various reasons,
including the immigration issue that he wrote about.

However, I have not stopped being a

and have joined an independent fundamental

Church where the pastor and people are
wonderful and have much reverence for God`s word.

I have
no ill will toward my former fellow Methodists, even
though I can`t follow their leadership any longer.

whose wife remains a Methodist, is a press operator in

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A Texas Reader Sums Up Cardinal Roger Mahony


George Weinbaum (e-mail

I am a refugee from

Los Angeles
. On immigration nonsense, it`s
tough to top “Mahoney Baloney” as I call him.

Weinbaum is a CPA living in the
Houston area. His previous letter about
Chronicle`s pro-immigration reporting is


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A Massachusetts Reader Asks Guzzardi To Stop Picking On The Poor Red $ox


Rick Costa (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Blog:

Globalism And Baseball—The 2008 Season Opens In Japan

Guzzardi must know by now that

is all about the $$$$ with the $ox
ownership the biggest prostitutes in the game. By 2010,
Fenway Park won`t have a square inch that isn`t covered
by advertising.

At the
other end of the money ball spectrum, you have the

Oakland A`s
(run by the most overrated general
manager in the game, Billy
Beane) who, along with the Minnesota Twins,
Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays,

Pittsburgh Pirates
and Florida Marlins, should have
been downsized out of existence years ago.

teams are content to run on the cheap, stay somewhat
competitive, suck the luxury tax bucks from the Yankee$
and Red $ox, and show a profit at the end of the year.

I have a friend who is friendly with the family that
controls the Major League Baseball logo hat business.
The day

Daisuke Matsuzaka
signed with the Red $ox, a deal
kicked in for some insane number of Red $ox hats to be
shipped to Tokyo!

That`s why the opening series is in

And that explains why Red $ox owner John Henry, the
hedge fund guru who`s worth about $2 billion, parks his

in Boston Harbor every summer. It looks like
the QE II compared to the rest of the boats, and we`re
talking about the yachts of some heavy hitters here.

Costa says that although he lives in Massachusetts, he
is not a “weenie” member of the Red $ox Nation.

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