Radio Derb Transcript Up For November 18–Dropped Masks, Comsymps, And Trump’s Judges, Etc

The Radio Derb  transcript for November 18 is up–go here to read or  listen, here to download the MP3:

02m12s — The Big Cuck? (Rumors roil restrictionist Right.)

13m42s — Goodbye, Cap’n Bob. (The First Shopper miscalculates.)

18m49s — Friends across the race line. (Can’t be, says law prof.)

30m23s — The Age of Dropped Masks. (Being woke, or Ekow, means never having to say you’re sorry.)

36m07s — Comsymps wallow in nostalgia. (Always with us.)

42m18s — Trump’s judges. (Thank you, Sir.)

47m11s — An improbable target for the Red Guards. (Wilt tear down all images?)

50m06s — Blacks thank Trump! (But no good deed goes unpunished.)

52m35s — The bug holocaust. (Apocalypse, whatever.)

54m19s — Signoff. (Most Amazin’ Man.)