RealClearPolitics On Sailer

RealClearPolitics pick`s up on Steve Sailer`s "Affordable Family Formation" and Tom Bevan writes Sounds reasonable -

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We have a technological upgrade to the blog, which will allow us to post more easily, and more

Blue States See Red On Illegal Immigration

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting recent local action on the immigration front:

Blue States See Red On Illegal Immigration

“The President Has Hinted That He Might Enforce The Law, But

A good editorial in the Providence [R.I.]Journal, putting the blame where it belongs: Mr. Bush should make clear that

Success in Arizona…And Georgiafornia

I love this...I worked hard here in Georgia all winter on a photo ID/proof of citizenship to vote

America Infiltrated By Jihadi Terrorists: Box Score

Here is a recent box score of terrorist activity smacked down in this country since 9/11, derived from 05/09/05 – Blog Articles

Society for the Protection of Enemy Aliens

The Left`s response to an attack on America by alien enemies was to immediately form a "Society for

Falling Hispanic Wages = Too Many Immigrants

While April job growth was a surprisingly robust 274,000, the number of employed Hispanics dipped by 12,000. This is