Doomsday Comes For Zirkle Fruit

VDARE.COM has written repeatedly about Chicago-based lawyer Howard Foster`s remarkable discovery that the 1996 immigration legislation made it

Watch Out for Saudi Charm Offensive

I recently criticized Washington for welcoming thousands of young Saudis to be students in American colleges and universities

Cop Killer Returns To Colorado: “Subject To The Jurisdiction” Or Not

Denver cop killer Raul Gomez-Garcia arrived in Denver just hours hours before Christmas eve after the Mexican

Goodbye, Fjordman (Sob)

Sadly, the invaluable Fjordman blog is is really closing up. In a year of intense activity. this Norwegian

Hmore Electoral Justice?

Was the immigration issue crucial to St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly`s loss at the polls? A recent

New Orleans Blacks: Betrayed by their own Leaders

"Blacks are streaming back to New Orleans to take advantage of the well-paid work available there .... Whoops!

Merry Christmas To Doug Bandow

It`s a dark, drear Christmas Night here in Connecticut, although it doesn`t seem to affect the children.

The Shop Of Ghosts

Did I ever tell you readers how I got this job? No? Well gather round, and I`ll tell

Time for (Sniff!) Immigrant Christmas Tales

What`s Christmas without illegal alien sob stories based around the holidays? Poor Juan and the tens of millions

Miano And CIS on H-1B

John Miano and the Center for Immigration Studies have recently published a major report on H-1b visas. [The