Help! Helen Krieble`s Horse Farm Workers Want To Be Paid Too Much!

Life is tough for Helen Krieble, whose Illegal Immigration "Amnesty with a trip home attached" plan (as Tom

God on Cannon`s side – he needed Him.

Besides a bushel of Bushes, immigration enthusiast money, the GOP hierachy etc. etc., Chris Cannon`s primary challenger apparently

A Mainstream Economist Criticizes Immigration

Further to Steve Sailer`s demolition of the Tabarrok-Cowen-type immigration enthusiast economists in the U.S., a reader points out

Hillary,The Religious Left, and the Wall Street Journal

James Taranto`s Best of the Web Today has an item about Hillary Clinton: The Migrant Workers of Park

Slavery Diversity in the USA

D. A. King In The AJC

D. A. King has an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Those who study our national illegal immigration crisis watch

Pyrrhic Victory For Cannon In Utah?

Kevin Carter writes:

Look Out! Bush Likes The Pence Plan!

If you need more proof that the Mike Pence "compromise" Plan is a bad idea, here`s Exhibit G: President

California Budget — A Billion Here, a Billion There…

Here in California, the big spin on the budget is that the thing is not weeks late getting

Allan Wall On Houston Radio

Allan Wall was on the What`s Up Talk Show in Houston, Texas, June 28, 2006, discussing the same