New Jersey Requires PC MDs

From a reader: Re Multiculturalism And Medicine: A Deadly Combination, by Dr. Ken Dombey New Jersey recently became the

Condi-scending to the Minutemen

Via Patterico, I learn that Dr. Rice, last seen here issuing a fatwa in defence of the Koran,

Vigilante – History Of A Troublesome Word

I was glad to read that Jim Gilchrist proclaimed, "I`m damned proud to be a vigilante," during a

They Know Better Down Under

Congratulations to the Australian Blog Dissecting Leftism for an elegant rubbishing of a magniloquent

Possible New Heroes?–And the Same Old Enemies

A Reader Writes:

Baldwin Park Protest Videos

Attention vote-shopping lawmakers on Capitol Hill: While you and the President refuse to control our border with Mexico,

Speaking in Tongues At The Poker Table

Bestselling author, sleight of hand expert, and gambling protection guru James Swain points to this unexpected

19 Years After 1986, They`re Still Coming

Click here to see photos of about 50 illegal aliens, from Mexico, who were apprehended in

Chicago Immigration Enthusiast Picks His Spots

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown (e-mail him) isn`t your ordinary wordsmith who works just to fill his allotted

Mexican Diversity Appreciated Once More

It should be no surprise that the millions of Mexicans flooding northward are bringing their criminal values