Colorado Gov. Owens Signs Immigration Bills….!!!

Colorado Gov. "Barrio" Bill Owens (RINO) signed the last of two immigration bills passed by the State legislature

“An Economist” Looks At the Bilbray Victory

"An Economist" writes A very important special Congressional election be was held in Southern California yesterday between Republican Brian

The Wall Street Journal Concedes!!!

Sunk deep into The Wall Street Journal

Honduran Kills Child with Axe

What have we come to when a little boy could get killed with an axe to the face

Sailer on the Radio

I`ll be on the Ron Smith Show on WBAL Radio in Baltimore (AM 1090) at 2:05 pm Eastern

Bilbray: It Was A Victory For Immigration, Not The GOP

Republican Brian Bilbray has defeated Democrat Francine Busby so the GOP gets to keep their Congressional seat in

“Amnesty” Is Not About “Citizenship,” Dammit, It`s About RESIDENCY

The Washington Post reports:

Bilbray wins; MSM forgets.

Apparently Brian Bilbray has defeated Democrat Francine Busby in California`s 50th District Congressional District.

MeChA School Gets Go-Ahead From School District

Kevin Reed is chief legal counsel for the Los Angeles Unified School District. He was dispatched to Academia Semillas

The New York Times Catches Up

On Saturday the New York Times carried an Op-ed piece on the impact of flooding the country with