“The WALL STREET JOURNAL Been Berry, Berry Good To Me.”

The Wall Street Journal is touting a study released by the "National Foundation For American Policy" which claims

Scott Baugh Is A Coward–And So Is The New GOP

Scott Baugh is Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County Back in 1996 he was a newly elected

“And This Is How We Repay Them” –Anti-Censorship Activist Also

Bennett Haselton, [email]of, writes on Slashdot, in response to my article Censored by Corporate Software,

Tan Nguyen Case Update–Original Documents

NRO`s Decade Of Living Stupidly–(Surrender on Tan Nguyen Letter)

John J. Pitney, [send him mail] on one of NRO`s many blogs has decided that cowardly behavior by

The Religious Left (And Immigration)

Jeremy Lott and Patrick Hynes have an article in USA Today called Left, right

Novak On Kolbe and Graf

When Randy Graf won the Republican Primary in the 8th district of Arizona, I wrote "Randy Graf Wins

Is Britain Sinking?

This just in: British taxpayers are stuck for a program in which refugees are taught clowning skills to

ACLU…United To End American Civil Liberties?

Escondido is the first city in the state of California to pass a law that would impose fines

Financial Bloodsucking Update

You know the problem of remittance dependence is getting bad when a top Mexican banker criticizes it. Mexico