Customs And Border Protection To Establish Volunteer Reserve Force?

Just when you think you got people figured out

Kevin Michael Grace on Ted Kennedy

"Teddy is the mutant Kennedy who championed the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, which transformed America into an Alien Nation." Kennedy

British Teachers Can`t Say What? Well, That Explains The Brimelow Brain

At 33 years-old it is astonishing that I am even alive

Citizens Reject Enforced Kumbaya

The unhappy recent events in Hamilton, Ohio, are an example of what happens with too much illegal

Child Labor, And Tragedy, In Georgiafornia

Another from the “why do you think I call it Georgiafornia” file.From this morning’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:“A highway worker

Lest innocent blood be shed…

Spare a thought for the Scott Gardner family - Scott (33) Tina (31) Jackson (5) and Avery (2).

Two Races Divided By a Common Language.

Michelle Malkin has an item about Ebonics threatening a comeback, and predicting that "Bill Cosby is going

Booming Immigration at the WSJ

Longtime immigration enthusiast Stephen Moore has an article in the WSJ called More Immigrants, More Jobs | Keeping

Business Week proves: the Natives are restive!

Finally steeled myself to read Business Week`s Cover Story panegyric to firms pigging out at the trough

Possible 2008 Ticket: Fox/Bush for Presidency of the Americas

Fox/Bush, the ticket for 2008? Outlandish idea? I agree, but...