CPAC Attendees Cheer Immigration Reformers, Minuteman

The immigration issue was very much in evidence at the latest Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington.

Coming Your Way. More Filipino Teachers!

Wherever you live, you can be sure that Filipino teachers will be coming to your local school district

Allan Wall Speaking Tonight In Las Vegas

Allan Wall is speaking at the monthly townhall meeting of the organization SecuredBordersUSA The location is Arizona Charlie`s

The Remittance Fence

The National Center for Policy Analysis did an item today called The Remittance Fence [February 14, 2006 ] A

Voters Say Democrats Better On Immigration

A February report [here] by the Pew Research Center asked voters which party could do a better job

Still Hmore Hmong

Do Hmong living in America quietly hope to import ALL of their tribe here? Maybe, considering recent reports:

Mexico Detains 250,000 Illegal Immigrants

Last year (2005) Mexico made 240, 269 arrests. [Story here.] Of what were these people guilty? Hmm...they were

Refusing To Be Worried By Wiretapping

Steve Sailer writes on his blog that while he`s not a true believer in the rightness of everything the

Vacation Spot Becoming Narcapulco?

Mexico continues to collapse into total narco-statism, as evidenced by recent skirmishes of its drug gangs in once

Will Ohio`s Ted Strickland be intimidated?

Apparently, U.S Rep. Ted Strickland (D- Ohio) is running for Governor of Ohio. Some accord him a fair