Banco De Mexico Chief Says Closing The Border Would Help Mexico!

I have contended for years that mass immigration is harmful to Mexico, and for several reasons. See my recent

“Imagine There`s No Borders…”

Actually, what John Lennon wrote was Imagine there`s no countries It isn`t hard to do Nothing to kill or die

White Man Commits Crime In Australia

You`re probably familiar with this joke: The first mate was found to be drunk one day and that day

No Free Hugs Here!

The "free hugs" video is sweeping the nation (see below).......but it`s not me (says it`s a story

Washington Post follows up on story

A week after J. Page Straley

Decision Of The Day: Rainbows And Immigration

There`s a fairly new blog called Decision of the Day, about interesting Appellate Court Decisions. (If you aren`t

Houston, the Criminal Alien Shelter

The recent murder of Officer Rodney Johnson cannot be considered merely a terrible tragedy of the sort that

Rocky Mountain Outrage

Long experience makes it difficult to be surprised at dishonesty and lack of integrity in MSM reporting on

Frist Fence Feebleness

Michelle Malkin is underwhelmed by the Republicans` " empty, election-season, unfunded border fence gestures." She points to a Mickey

Medical Bloodsucking Continues Apace

Why is this illegal alien smiling? Well, why not? Socorro Gonzalez is holding jackpot baby #4, whose medical