John Leo On Race And The Right To Know

When John Leo announced his retirement a last year, I noted that while he wrote a book called

John McCain In Reason

Matt Welch makes the case in Reason Magazine`s cover story that a McCain presidency would intrude further into

Text Of STRIVE Act–Exclusive!

Juan Mann emailed me the actual text of the proposed STRIVE act--Gutierrez-Flake bill. It`s 697 pages in PDF.

Gwynne Dyer on Security Fences

Is the U.S. wall on the Mexican border (such as it exists and might exist) a unique

Indian Business Machines? IBM Dumps Its American Workers

The Associated Press writes in the International Herald Tribune: The work force at International Business Machines Corp. grew 8

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. R. I. P.

Schlesinger was a New Deal and New Frontier liberal, which actually put him to the right of, or

Little Mexico in Alta California

Little Mexico in Suburban Los Angeles: Southern California has an enormous number of municipalities, some of which increasingly

Larry Kudlow Is Troubled

NRO Immigration enthusiast Larry Kudlow is troubled by information that`s new to him. This is from NRO`s Blog,

Mexico`s Kidnap Culture Appears in Florida

Clay Moore is one smart -- and lucky -- young fellow. The 13-year-old resident of Parrish, Florida, was

Post Rescued–Religion Of Peace Still Unknown

Instapundit linked to this story about a Nashville cabbie named Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed, who tried, for some