Not The Berlin Wall

John Trever of the Albuquerque Journal seems to understand the difference between the proposed "Great Wall Of America"

On Immigration: Oregon leads; U.S. to follow?

One of the biggest surprises of this election year is that the immigration issue appears to have exploded

Mickey Kaus Wants To Know If Democratic House Will Pass A Bush Amnesty

Mickey Kaus, who has a clearer view of immigration politics than the entire staff of

Academic Achievement Suggested for College Admissions

Former University of California regent Ward Connerly has long toiled to end race-based college admissions. He is currently

Halloween Interview With George Putnam

I have an interview scheduled for October 31st, at 1:05 p.m. Pacific Time, with George Putnam. You

Lou Dobbs to convert Democrats to Immigration Reform?

In an article posted today on the website of The New Republic (Going Native October

Guilt By Association: Leftist Condemns Buchanan For Quoting

A man named Jose Miguel Leyva, [send him mail] , wrote a piece a couple of

Brenda is right about Mark in Mexico

Brenda Walker`s apposite reference in her blog this evening to Mark in Mexico reminds me of VDARE.COM"s

Oaxaca Anarchy Noted

Mexico continues to collapse into a failed state, as shown by el Presidente Fox`s long overdue insertion of

One Year Blogiversary:Dispatches From The Hogtown Front

The Canadian immigration blogger behind Dispatches From The Hogtown Front has been in business for a year, as