Wikpedia On On Free Republic

The astonishing internet resource Wikipedia has a judicious entry for Free Republic which uses references to VDARE

Janet Napolitano: The Illegal Immigrant`s “Best Friend” In Arizona

"The illegal immigrant has in Governor Napolitano (his or her) best friend in the state." -

“It was about gangsters who became cops.”

The American Enterprise has a good article about the consequences of affirmative action in police hiring. In order

James Taranto–“Girls can`t wait to get out”

Knowing my scientific interest in rabid immigration enthusiasts like the Wall Street Journal Edit Page

Human Biodiversity at its Best

Occasionally Steve Sailer will write about Malvina Hoffman`s sculptures, or Carleton Coon`s book, The Living Races of

Is The WSJ Trying To Give Us A Heart Attack?

Catatonic shock, speechlessness, fears for sanity--these symptoms swept the Immigration Reform community today as word spread of the

Young Strom

The WSJ piece John Brimelow refers to above contains a reference to Bud Strom, a border rancher

Mexican Immigration: More Problems Than Just Litter

My recent blog item on the propensity of Latinos to litter triggered a powerful response. Americans, it seems,

Victor Davis Hanson on Dishwashing

Victor Davis Hanson, author of Mexifornia, has an article in the LA Times about doing without immigrants labor.

Overlooked at the Wall Street Journal

A funny thing happened in yesterday