Mistaken Identity

When I saw this picture of Hillary Rodham Clinton at a news conference I thought the man standing

Diversity v. Truth and Freedom, Part CCCMXXXII:

From the BBC: Racism row lecturer is suspended A lecturer who suggested ethnicity could influence average intelligence levels has

Illegals Being Deported From Canada

This report, from a Liberal daily paper in Toronto, suggests that the new, more conservative, less corrupt,

CBS/Weekly Standard: “A Desirable Problem”

"So here`s the good news: Having an immigrationproblem is a marker of being a successful, vibrant society. And

British Professor Suspended For Mentioning Bell Curve

Professor Rushton`s article today says The discussion of race and intelligence is being actively repressed on campuses as

Hillary Hysteria…Jesus Is A Criminal??

An emotional train wreck...that is the only way to describe Hillary Clinton these days. A couple of months ago, On The John And Ken Show (KFI AM640)

It seems a whole bunch of readers also listen to KFI`s the John and Ken Show...including me,


Lonewacko Blog says that whenever he hears President Bush speak about immigration policy, it reminds him of this

Swedish Censorship Scandal

In Steve Sailer`s February 12 column, the Larger Lessons Of The Danish Cartoon Crisis, he wrote:

Mexican Petri Dish Located

If you want to gaze upon a micro version of the future Mexifornia, the small town of Maywood,