Lolo Jones: Winter Olympian, And (Just Barely) Person of African American descent

Below, Sailer quotes Mike Wise [Email him] of the Washington Post as saying

I will be here the next 10 days. And in that time, I will encounter no more than a dozen people of African American descent. They are the same ones I see over and over.

Speedskater Shani Davis, Lolo Jones and the U.S. women’s bobsled team, NBC correspondent Lewis Johnson and about three other black journalists …

This is Lolo Jones, with her hair in a braid:

Lolo Jones

Wise says ” people of African American descent” rather than black people.

Lolo Jones is of partially African-American ancestry (Wikipedia says Jones` father “spent most of her childhood in the Air Force and later in state prison” ) but if Wise didn`t already know that, I assume he`d put her down as one of the “whiter than Downton Abbey” crowd.

Here`s the U.S. women’s bobsled team, Jones is one of the paler members, second from the left.

Lolo Jones And Team

Physically, Jones doesn`t look much differnt from other Winter Olympians, like US luger Kate Hansen, seen below warming up before an event.