“Going Galt”—America`s Wealth Producers vs. Wealth Redistributors

Enough. In a word, that is the
message of disgusted taxpayers fed up with the
confiscatory policies of both parties in Washington.
George Bush pre-socialized the economy with
billion-dollar bailouts of the


industries. Barack Obama is pouring billions
more down those sinkholes. It isn`t just the camel`s
back that`s broken. His neck and four legs have all
snapped, too.

Enough. Last Friday, thousands of
Americans turned out to protest reckless government
spending in the pork-laden stimulus package, the
earmark-clogged budget bill, the massive
mortgage-entitlement program and taxpayer-funded
corporate rescues.

Contrary to

false left-wing blog smears
that the hastily planned

impromptu events
the crowds were packed with first-time grassroots
activists. They were people with families and day jobs
whose usual definition of
involves neighborhood yard sales or
their kids` soccer matches. They were members of the
silent majority who decided to be silent no more.

Enough. These
"Tea Party"
protests spanned the sunny Santa Monica pier to the icy
streets of Chicago and Cleveland to rain-drenched
Atlanta, overflowing the grounds of the St. Louis
Gateway Arch, with massive turnouts in Greenville, S.C.,
and crowds of several hundred each in New York City and
Washington, D.C., and all points in between. Like those
who demonstrated before them in Seattle, Denver, Mesa,
Ariz., and Overland Park, Kan., two weeks ago, the Tea
Party participants held homemade signs that said it all:
"Your mortgage is
not my problem"
"Liberty: All the
stimulus we need"
"No taxation
without deliberation."

The speed and scope with which they
mobilized were due not to nefarious outside
conspiracists, but to social networking websites
Facebook and Twitter, where a burgeoning network on
Twitter called Top Conservatives became the central
clearinghouse for information. Planning for a new wave
of demonstrations on April 15 has begun at


Enough. While they take to the
streets politically, untold numbers of America`s wealth
producers are going on strike financially. Dr. Helen
Smith, a Tennessee forensic psychologist and political

dubbed the phenomenon

"Going Galt"
last fall. It`s a reference to the famed Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged,
which protagonist John Galt leads the entrepreneurial
class to cease productive activities in order to starve
the government of revenue. (Not coincidentally, Rand`s
novel sales are up and John Galt references punctuated
many of the Tea Party demonstrations.)

Dr. Smith was inundated with
stories like these:

"I have frozen hiring in my firm. … No investments will be made in
taxable accounts—only 401k/IRAs. I am buying silver and
gold instead of CDs or stocks with non-qualified money
and savings. I have stopped taking new clients, thus
freezing my income. I barter more and more. Spend less.
I stopped leveraging assets (don`t borrow)."

"I have cut WAY back—I`m no longer buying retail, driving out of a
10-mile radius, spending money on eating out or putting
my money in a savings account. I am using the money to
pay off all of our debt. It has made our family closer,
more appreciative."

Another blogger

: "Last
year my family paid nearly $1,000 a month in federal
taxes, and we are not by any stretch of the imagination
rich. I`m going to make it my business to cut that
amount in half, using every legal means possible and
reducing my income so there is less to tax."

Enough. Those business owners are
not alone. This week, ABC News spotlighted

upper-income earners going Galt
in response to
Obama`s proposed tax hikes on families with incomes of
$250,000 or more. A Lafayette, La., attorney

told the reporter
she was cutting back on her
business to avoid the tax threshold:
"Why kill
yourself working if you`re going to give it all away to
people who aren`t working as hard?"

Tax hikes have consequences.
Incentives matter. Only self-deluded wealth
redistributors living in la-la land believe otherwise.

Another business owner, Dr. Sharon

"The motivation for a lot of people like me—dentists,
entrepreneurs, lawyers—is that the more you work, the
more money you make,"
said Poczatek.
"But if I`m going
to be working just to give it back to the
government—it`s de-motivating and demoralizing."

The perpetual
Borrow-Spend-Panic-Repeat machine in Washington depends
on the capitulation of the wealth producers.

There`s only one monkey wrench that
can stop the redistributionist thieves` engine. It`s
engraved with the word: Enough.



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