A Census Bureau Employee Adds SSI To SS

June 18, 2003

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Re Sam Francis on the

that immigration can save Social Security:
There`s also SSI [supplementary
security income
].  I work for the US Census Bureau
on the current population survey, which is used
primarily to measure the unemployment rate.

On rare occasions, I have to hire a translator to
interview immigrants who know almost no English.  One
time, I hired this Korean woman – age 50-65, I`d guess. 
We talked about this and that on the way to the job. 
She said she worked sporadically as a translator for
various government functions (i.e. court, police, etc)
but that mostly she was retired and living on SSI.  I
asked her what ailed her to be on SSI.  She explained
that nothing ailed her, but she knew they`d give her SSI
if she claimed to suffer from hyper-tension.  She then
rattled off a list of ailments (hyper-tension,
back-pain, etc) that are hard to diagnose except by
patient description.  She said all you have to do is run
down to the doctor and describe symptoms that fit the
ailment you seek to be diagnosed with. 

She explained all her friends have done the same as
her and it`s a common practice in their tightly-knit
immigrant community.

This is why immigrants are not going to bail out our
pension/disability programs.  Immigrants eventually
bring their parents over to use SSI as their pension
plan.  Of course, elderly immigrants can`t get make
much in the way of social security because they haven`t
worked in the U.S. and paid into the program over the
years.  So they use SSI – claiming disabilities that may
or may not exist.

Withhold my name and location if you publish this
because the Census Bureau hates it when its employees
are involved in anything controversial.