VDARE.com: Saturday`s Letters: A Florida Reader Doubts if Senator Mel Martinez`s Mother, A U.S. Resident For Forty Years, Speaks English; etc.

Saturday`s Letters: A
Florida Reader Doubts if Senator Mel Martinez`s Mother,
A U.S. Resident For Forty Years, Speaks English; etc.


[Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

With Senators Like Melquiades Martinez—The Cuban Half
Of Hagel-Martinez—Who Needs Traitors?

find it the epitome of hypocrisy that Florida Senator

Mel Martinez
is trying to convince the American
public that the illegal aliens he wants to amnesty must

learn English

Based on a recent personal experience, I am quite sure
that his mother, who has lived in the U.S. since the
late 1960s, does not have even basic English
conversational skills.

Here`s how I found out.

group of

Florida activists
planned to hold a demonstration

outside of Martinez`s exclusive Baldwin Park
residence. (By the way, Florida`s other Senator, Bill
Nelson, also lives in pricey Baldwin Park.)

are very angry at Martinez about S.2611. Martinez
promised to hold Town Hall meetings so that constituents
would have a chance to express themselves but he never

Nor did Martinez make appearances on local talk radio
where listeners could call in. In fact, he appeared only
one show for a brief puffball-interview.

However, an aide in his Washington, D.C. office that
Martinez did met with Chief Executive Officers and 7th

find Martinez`s exact address, I went to the Orange
County Florida property appraiser`s

. I discovered that Martinez owns two homes. One
he purchased for his mother.

Wanting to make sure that we scheduled our event at the
right place, I called and asked the woman who answered,
in English, if she spoke English.

She replied “un poco.” Then, realizing
that English was a struggle for her, I switched to
Spanish to inquire “Es este la residencia del
Senator Mel Martinez?”

After she replied, “No” we continued our brief
conversation in Spanish.

later learned from a well-placed source that the woman
is Martinez`s mother.

Even after forty years in the U.S., Mrs. Martinez cannot
speak English for the same reason other aliens will not
learn it…because she

doesn`t want to

doesn`t have to

Mrs. Martinez is an elderly woman, so it is possible
that under difference circumstances she may be more
willing to engage people in English. But I got the
distinct impression that she was uncomfortable with our

Of course, it`s quite possible to live in Florida and

never speak a word
of English since all doctor`s
offices, stores and restaurants

employ bilinguals
to cater to Hispanics. 

When you add in El Sentinel, El Nuevo Dia,
Telemundo and

it`s no longer necessary to speak English
to get by.

Americans, thanks to the likes of Senator Martinez, have

second-class citizens
in Florida.

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Letters: A California Reader Wonders How Many Of “Us”
There Are

From:  Jenny

Listen, how many of

do you figure there are out there?

By “us” I mean, how many
Americans are out there that want enforcement of borders
and our interior as well as sanctions on employers who
hire illegal aliens?

How many of us want no citizenship
for illegal aliens,

no social services

no pathway
anywhere except


Compare that number to the number
of Americans who

all those things for illegal aliens.

What`s the ratio…about 10-1?

to Jenny, she knew America was in trouble when she heard
President Clinton announce at a Super Bowl that all
people who come to the United States from day one are as
American as the Americans who have lived here all their

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Saturday`s Letters: A Canadian Reader Agrees That S. 2611 Is Dead


Wayne Goodfellow [e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:
Joe Feels Even Better About Immigration Bill

I agree with Guzzardi that the Bush-Kennedy-McCain
amnesty bill S.2611 is dead.

The open border lobby is a powerful force but the one
thing it does not have on its side is

and that ultimately will lead to its demise.

Policies of mass immigration originating from a

degenerate ruling class
that are not supported by

majority of Americans
are not sustainable in the
long run.

However, I am inclined to agree with

Peter Brimelow
that it would be an error to

the power of a

Treason Lobby
motivated by self-interest.  

The first battle may be won but the longer war that will

Western Civilization
to its foundations has just
started and is therefore far from over.

In this regard, the quote below from a speech by

Sir Winston Churchill
given at the Lord Mayor`s
Luncheon, Mansion House, London, November 10, 1942,
during the height of World War II, seems appropriate:

"This is not the
end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is,
perhaps, the end of the beginning

Goodfellow is an Adjunct Professor at the University of
Ottawa and a senior research scientist at Natural
Resources Canada, a department of the federal

his previous letter


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Saturday`s Letters: A
Connecticut Reader Disagrees—Thinks That Rumors Of S.
2611`s Death Are Premature


Danelli [e-mail

nightmare scenario about


After the congressional elections are over, President
Bush will use his constitutional authority (Article II
Section 3 says in part that the President "may, on
extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either
of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with
Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them
to such Time as he shall think proper
") to hold a
special session of Congress for the specific purpose of
passing his "Comprehensive Immigration Reform".

President Clinton convened a similar Congressional
session after the 1994 mid-term elections to pass the

World Trade Organization

Among Clinton`s more useful idiots at the time were

Newt Gingrich

Bob Dole
, the soon-to-be Speaker of the House and
Senate Majority Leader, respectively.

There will be much arm-twisting,

patronage payoffs
, and all the rest

what goes on in the cloakrooms. After the late night

vote, there will be a press conference declaring this a
"victory for the American people."


has too much at stake in his immigration
legislation. From the

early days of his administration
, he talked about a

"temporary guest worker program"
. The events
of 9/11 put his plan on the back burner. A lame-duck
session of a Republican-controlled Congress will be his
final chance to pass it.

This will also be a face-saving device for Mr. Bush,
too. Just think:a President proposes a major policy
initiative in a national televised address, campaigns
around the country for it, and couldn`t get it passed by
his own party`s leadership?


parliamentary system
, there would be a vote of no
confidence and calls for a new election.

hope I`m completely wrong about this, but we have the
1994 Clinton/World Trade Organization precedent to

Danelli is a computer
consultant who was a delegate for Pat Buchanan at the
2000 Reform Party convention.

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Saturday`s Letters: A California
Reader Says, Regardless Of S.2611, He`ll Go To “The End
Of The Earth” To Fight Illegal Immigration


Herbert Gamble Davila [e-mail

Joe Guzzardi


"How far would you

this summer to participate in an immigration
reform forum chaired by a Congressman you knew would not
only give you his ear but might actually

do something
about your grievances once he returned
to Washington?"

We will go to the end of the earth if we have to. You
can count on that. Here in

, we are not going to rest until every
illegal alien in our country is removed and deported.

We will keep going until racist organizations such as

and the

Mexica Movement
are kicked out of our schools and

We won`t stop until every Senator, every House
Representative, every state governor and every city
mayor who is amnesty happy, North American Union loving,
open borders intoxicated and illegal alien crazy is
removed from office.

We are not going to rest and we are not going to ignore
illegal immigration. We will not allow the illegal
aliens to come here, spit in our faces, take advantage
of our good will and demand to be citizens while at the
same time invading our country for the purposes of
colonizing and

retaking the southwest

We have had enough. Since the illegal aliens marched on
our streets waving

Mexican and Communist flags
while calling us
, my friends, my family and I have vowed to
fight this to the end.

We will spread the word to each American citizen until
they open their eyes and wake up. We will not relent. We

never give up

Davila, a software engineer who earned his degree at
California State University at Northridge, is a native
Californian. His mother is from Puerto Rico.

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Saturday`s Letters: A
Brian Bilbray Campaign Volunteer Shares His Secrets To


John Ellis [e-mail

First of all, support an immigration control

that has some chance of winning and who
ideally has won political office in the past.

You are unlikely to get the voting public to elect a
single issue immigration control activist for an
important office like the US Congress especially if he
is running on an obscure 3rd party ticket

Brian Bilbray
was a very successful mayor of Chula
Vista, CA. which is near the U.S./Mexico border. Bilbray
had also been a Congressman.

Bilbray is a smart, efficient

and was surrounded by a loyal staff of
supporters. Stopping illegal immigration was Bilbray`s
number one issue but not his only one.

Second, be a loyal, hard-working volunteer. Understand
that you are a foot solider, not a general calling the

honest with the candidate and the campaign managers –
you are volunteering because of his strong position
against illegal immigration.

But don`t be a single-issue fanatic. Follow
instructions, follow the campaign manager`s script and
try to resist your urges to take over and educate
everyone about the immigration crisis. This topic is
overwhelming for most people. You`re a volunteer, so do
good door-to- door work.

Third, present

immigration control
as part of a broad, positive

found ending illegal immigration an easy sell in

San Diego

And it is going to be a good sell in all parts of
America—who likes Al Qaeda terrorists or Central
American drug gangs? But, the best way to reach the
hearts and minds of voters is to present your candidate
– i.e. your Brian Bilbray—as a good, common sense
American who is on their side.

elected, your immigration control candidate will “be
on their side
” on all issues, including immigration

Fourth, manage and contain the conservative primary

the “Bilbray for Congress” campaign, we faced
many well- financed (mostly using their own money)

Conservative/Religious Right
challengers in the
Republican primary.

These types of candidates are a major hassle for an
immigration control activist.

They are not focused on immigration and can easily
destroy your choice by painting him as radical.

Treat religious challengers and those in their camp with
fairness and respect.

Then after you win the primary meet with the responsible
leaders from their church and convince them that they
need to support you just as you would have supported

Please volunteer. November is right around the corner
and the time for winning is now.

wish you all as much

as we in the Bilbray campaign had.

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