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A CA Reader Asks If Senator
Feinstein Wants “Fairness” For Spanish-Language Radio
Too; etc.


 John Q. Public In California

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

We Had Them All The Way!

Feinstein`s weepy comment about
talk radio monopolizing the airwaves and not having
balance should be countered with this question: 

  • What does she think of so much
    of American radio frequency being monopolized by
    Spanish-language radio programming? Is there any "balance"

Does she know if Mexican-oriented
broadcasts follow

decency rules?
Do they actually "serve the public
as FCC licenses require? Why does
Feinstein and other Senators tolerate Mexican trash over
the airwaves—is the answer because the programs are in

Everyone seems to ignore, for
instance, the fact that

Eddie “El Piolin” Sotelo
single handedly put
500,000 illegals on the streets of Los Angeles last year
during the illegal alien demonstrations.

Imagine Feinstein`s reaction if

Michael Savage
were to have done that—the

teams would have broken down his studio door
and he`d be up on trial for incitement to riot.

But Sotelo, an amnestied illegal
alien with a green card, uses U.S. airwaves to create
chaos on the streets during wartime and….nothing

When do Americans start talking
about the hijacking of our airwaves? Since when do we
have to hand over frequency spectrum to Mexico?

The next phase of stunting the
Mexican invasion is to cut off its communication lines.
Objections should be filed routinely with the FCC when
Spanish radio station licenses come up for renewal, and

Univision / Telemundo
should be monitored for biased
abuse in their reporting.

One of the reasons so many stations
have gone Spanish is

Clear Channel Communications
, run by President
George Bush crony

Lowry Mays
, has a policy of buying stations and
taking them Spanish. You can be sure that any objections
the locals listeners might have to having their airwaves
turned into a conduit for crude jokes in Spanish and
Bandera music is because of the Bush administration`s
pressure on the

to allow it.

Since Bush is out of political
capital, we can change things

A few well-coordinated
objections at the standard

hearings on license renewal would be a start.

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An Ex-South African Has A
Warning For Americans



Re: Don
Collins` Column:

The June 26th Frightening Senate Amnesty Vote Recalls
Gov. Lamm`s Warning About How To Destroy The U.S.

I am an

ex-South African
or “Boer”
) who left my country when

Nelson Mandela
, a convicted terrorist who has been
repackaged by the media, liberal establishment and the
corporations as a "Freedom Fighter" took over my
once staunchly-sovereign First World country.


Harry Oppenheimer,
world famous mining magnate whose
grandfather stole the mining rights and minerals (gold,
diamonds) from the Afrikaner with the help of the
British crown (two Anglo-Boer wars) wanted it this way.

all went against the wishes of the majority of
Afrikaners, whose voting rights were gutted in 1994.

Afrikaners are now completely disenfranchised. Former

Afrikaans universities
, such as

University of Stellenbosch

University of Pretoria
, both created by Afrikaners,
have now been turned into black institutions.

culture has been systematically destroyed. Our church
says we are

eternally guilty of racism because of Apartheid
. The
church, the

media, liberal institutions and corporations work in


Afrikaners have had a long time to think about what
happened. This is one of

the few benefits of having lost your sovereignty: You
have the time to ponder what really happened, since you
no longer have to fight and struggle.

same forces which

destroyed the old South Africa
are now busy breaking
America and turning it into a Third World country.

the elites will break up the nations of Europe, after
forcing them into the

European Union
against their will.

corporations, the rich and the churches can afford to
live in the Third World because they simply insulate
themselves with money or power.

the common man who loses.

I hope
America is successful in its battles to save itself. But
after what we experienced in South Africa, I have my

The writer
currently lives in Germany.

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Reader Wonders If The New York Times Has Seen The


Deena Flinchum [e-mail

Re: Patrick Cleburne`s Blog:

Napolitano Gets The Message

Has the

New York Times
seen the light too?

Most of the

has been banging the amnesty drums loud and
clear, as have politicians like Arizona`s

Governor Janet Napolitano.

On July 3, however, an interesting
thing happened in the letters to the editor section of
the Times. Read the letters here. [After
the Immigration Bill Fell Apart
, July 3, 2007]

The letters section frequently
offers unusual angles or insights that readers don`t get
from the staff reporters. But—this being the Times
I fully expected to read predictable letters that
would lament the failure to bring the lionized 12
million "out
of the shadows
" or sob stories about sad

divided families
, and dashed dreams.

The first letter of seven came from
Elmhurst, IL and claimed that the failure to pass

would likely make the 2008 elections more
divisive (as if passing it wouldn`t have).

The remaining six letters other six
were, from our perspective, more interesting.

One patriot from Marlborough, MA
noted that

our laws should reflect the needs of the US
illegal immigrants.

Three realists from Alexandria, VA,
San Ramon, CA, and Upland, CA, demanded enforcement
first. One even noted that now the politicians know
that the people want action on enforcement and not just



Columbus, OH
stressed that we are suffering from a
population explosion and must take immigration`s impact
on that problem into consideration.

A fair-minded citizen from Ithaca,
NY said that amnesty for employers must be halted; and
they must be held accountable for hiring illegal
workers. Bravo!

Finally, a Times editorial
suggested that we use the Social Security databases to
make sure that employers only hire workers legally in
the U.S. [The
Grand Collapse
, New York Times, June 30,

I find it enormously gratifying to
see such letters get prominent display in the Times.
Too bad letters like these didn`t get more ink prior to

vote on cloture.

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A WA Reader Says A Remarkable
Photo Shows Why It`s Time To Stop Using “In The Shadows”


Robin Corkery [e-mail

Of all the irritating
descriptions of illegal aliens, surely "in
the shadows
" must be the most mendacious.

The latest but probably not the
last example of this is Sen. Kennedy`s, as reported in
the New York Times. [
Immigration Bill Fails To Survive Senate Vote
By Robert Pear and Carl Hulse, June 28, 2007

The Times story is
accompanied by a photo of illegal aliens making
themselves comfortable in our own U.S. Senate!
See it


This is as brazen as it gets…both
by the aliens and our defiant Congress.

previous letters to VDARE.COM are


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A CA Roman Catholic Reader
Writes To His Bishop


John F. Shanahan [e-mail

[Shanahan`s letter, a portion of which we post here, is
addressed to the Most Reverend Gerald R. Barnes, Bishop
of the Diocese of San Bernardino. Barnes (
him) has appeared before Congress arguing in favor of
illegal aliens and illegal immigration. Read Barnes`
recent statements on immigration



I am very disappointed that you
have aligned yourself and the

Catholic Church
with the powerful forces that use
illegal immigration as a damaging tool to destroy the
U.S. middle class and to promote a one-world government.

I am aware of your testimony in
front of the

Senate Judiciary Committee
on Immigration in July
2005 that supported the McCain/Kennedy legislation,
which promoted and rewarded illegal immigration. I am
sure that you are aware that Arlen Specter and others on
the Senate Judiciary Committee are members of the

Council on Foreign Relations

Last year, a lector pointed out to
the congregation that only a small number of families
had made contributions to the Bishop`s Fund. My heart
skipped a beat and leapt for joy—I thought that finally
people were frustrated with your support for illegal
immigration and were actually indicating as much with
their pocketbooks.  

But even though your

outrageous stance
on illegal immigration is well
known, the people continue to contribute… perhaps
because your leaflets and contribution envelopes are
also written in Spanish?

Bishop, is there some

mandate in God`s law
or the teachings of Jesus
Christ that demand that Catholics financially contribute
to the demise of our own country?

Bishop, it is misleading of you to
imply that your immigration position is the only morally
correct one. You and I have such contrary opinions on
illegal immigration because of your narrow definition of
the word justice. You refer to justice whenever you talk
about aliens who have broken our laws to enter our
country illegally.

Where is the justice for the US
citizens who just

lost their jobs
to illegals who will work for less
money? Where is the justice for US citizens who whose
salaries have been decreased because of the

wage stagnation
caused by illegals? Where is the
justice for the average American taxpayer who has to pay
the bill for

more freeways and longer commuting times

gang activity

failing hospitals

trauma centers

school construction

Where is the justice and
intellectual honesty when politicians like

Sen. Dianne Feinstein
refer to my position as racist
and religious leaders like you refer to my stance as
immoral? Why do only you and the

decide that I should have absolutely no voice
in determining the type of people who are allowed to
immigrate into my country?

Where is the justice for all of the
parishioners who have no comprehension of your motives
but will have to live with the consequences a few years
from now?

Finally, Bishop, where is the
justice when you decide that there is not enough

already in the US and that the US government
should import more to be subsidized by the taxpayers?

Until we both meet our Maker, may
we both continue to live in the sovereign U. S. handed
down to us by our forefathers in which the First
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects our freedom
of religious expression.

is a graduate of Northwestern University and an
electrical engineer

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