Glenn Spencer Confirms Our Worst Fears: The Media Blacks Out American Border Patrol`s Patriotic Efforts

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Glenn Spencer (e-mail

Here`s the anatomy of a media black out.

I spent the three months preparing for a news conference
at the

National Press Club
scheduled for January 14, 2009.

On December 10 and January 6, I flew aerial surveillance
missions along the border. I then used the mission data,
together with data from other missions flown over the
past two years, to form the story I would tell in
Washington, D.C.

I`ve never given a better presentation. I told the
compelling and true story, with all its national
significance, of our

open border
with Mexico.

To make sure

the media
and others would be there, American Border
Patrol paid PR Newswire extra to use its special
Homeland Security microlist for our press release. I
called and e-mailed reporters I knew, including

Jerry Seper
of the Washington Times, just to
make sure they would attend.

Thursday morning I arose about 3 A.M. to do the
finishing touches on my presentation.

We left the hotel about 7:30 for the 9 A.M. conference.
Traffic, made worse by vendor trucks rushing to get
their junk into D.C. before roads were closed for the
inauguration, was horrible. As we drove past hundreds
and hundreds of porta-potties and lines of tents set up
for the January 20th shindig, I worried that we wouldn`t
arrive on time. We did, with ten minutes to spare.


Holeman Lounge
at the Press Club is very impressive
(and expensive), and we had arranged for a 60" plasma TV
for the presentation. We had four large posters (cost –
$600) with incredible graphics. Everything was perfect
as I put a stack of professionally prepared press
packages on a table near the entrance

We were ready.

But no one came. Not one member of the press or media
showed up. There were friends in the audience, but no
reporters to get the story.

I gave the presentation anyway and our friends agreed
that the story was probably

too important
to be told to the public.

That is why we were blacked out.

I was disappointed at the lack of a turnout, and a
little depressed – what a waste of American Border
Patrol`s money. Even Seper, who I was sure would attend,
didn`t come. (Contact information for Seper


But after thinking about it, I have decided it was a
good investment after all. ABP had paid for airtight
proof that it is being blacked out by the media.

Looking back over the past year I now realize that the
press blackout of ABP has been going on for some time.

In January of last year

I traveled to Washington, D.C. to present ABP`s year-end
report on the border

At one point I spent an hour with Seper in his
Washington Times
office. Seper told me that the
paper would no doubt run a big story on American Border
Patrol`s work. It never happened. In fact, it never even
mentions us.

In the past year, Radio France, a crew from Finnish
Television (YLE TV), Tages Anzeiger, the German language
Swiss national daily newspaper, ARD (German Radio), BFM
TV from France, TV 4 from Sweden and Five News from
London visited us.

I took most of these people on an aerial tour of the
border and I have been told their stories have been
running all across Europe. In the past ABP has also been
visited by TV crews from all over Asia. ABP is well
known, it seems, everywhere but in the U.S.

On September 14

the Sierra Vista Herald ran a big story
about how ABP
challenged Department of Homeland Security`s border
fence construction figures.

The reporter, Jonathan Shacat, said he thought bigger
papers would pick up the story. They didn`t. (Kudos to
and his editor

The Herald ran

a follow-up story on October 5
, but no one
picked that one up either.

Both stories included interviews with DHS/CBP officials.
Reporter Shacat told me that he had a long conversation

Angela de Rocha
, public affairs officer for
Department of Homeland Security`s Customs and Border
Protection, during which she said American Border Patrol
is doing a valuable service for the American people.

On October 10, ABP held a press conference in

to discuss our differences with the DHS
regarding the border fence. We used PR Newswire and our
Arizona list to notify the media.

No one came then either. A reporter with a Tucson TV
station e-mailed me and said he asked the station to
cover the news conference, but it didn`t. He couldn`t
explain why.

After that failed press conference Sean Holsteage of the

Arizona Republic
e-mailed me and made
arrangements to fly with ABP on its next border mission.

It was all set for November 10th. At the last minute, he
notified me that his boss (contact information

) cancelled the trip, citing insurance issues.
This was complete nonsense. Had they asked we would have
told them ABP has insurance through the


And, reporters are in the business of getting into the
"real world." In fact, last November reporters
were injured in

a hot-air balloon accident near Yuma

If reporters are assigned to fly in a hot-air balloon, a
very dangerous activity, it makes no sense that one
would be prohibited from flying in a fixed-wing airplane
flown by an instrument-rated pilot with more than 6,000
accident-free flying hours.

The evidence is very clear. The

media bosses
in the United States are doing
everything they can to keep

the truth
about the border away from the American
People. The absence of reporters at the National Press
Club was final proof that they are very afraid of what
American Border Patrol has to say.

When it comes to the border, the media bosses are
treating the American people like mushrooms – keeping
them in the dark and feeding them manure

I was let down about what happened in D.C., but not

In fact, I am energized by knowing that, beyond the
shadow of a doubt, the media fears American Border
Patrol so much that it`s willing to sacrifice any sense
of fairness and balance to censor us.

We will find other ways to reach the American people,
not only with the truth about the border, but with the
truth about how they are being manipulated by the


We may be

blacked out
but we won`t be silenced.

Spencer is every immigration reform patriot`s hero
because of his tireless efforts on America`s behalf. 
He founded
American Border Patrol
, an invaluable website that
documents illegal alien activities and crossings.
Glenn`s previous letter about border security is