An Illinois Reader Notes John McCain`s Family Ties To A Reconquista

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– An African-American Reader Offers His Experience As A
“Community Organizer”—And His Views On John McCain

Dawn Mueller: (e-mail

I closely followed the Republican
National Convention on CSPAN.

As if having

Juan Hernandez
on McCain`s advisory team isn`t bad
enough for us, a new concern has arisen!

McCain has closer ties to

La Raza
and Raza Development Fund than I
even I had been aware. 

“Tommy” Espinoza , the president and CEO of Raza
Development and a long time friend of

John and Cindy McCain
, stated in his convention
speech that he is the godfather of one of their

According to the RNC website,

Espinoza`s biography
identifies him as President/CEO
of the Raza
Development Fund, Inc.

A list of its investors and
funders—a group of traitors if ever there were one—is




The Raza Development Fund, Inc. ("RDF") is a support
corporation of the National Council of La Raza, ("NCLR")
, and was established in 1998 as the community
development lending arm for NCLR. The mission of RDF`s
Hope Fund is to provide flexible but high-quality loans,
along with technical assistance, to entities that
provide services and opportunities to low-income Latino
families, and is consistent and complimentary to the
mission of NCLR, which is to reduce poverty and
discrimination while improving life opportunities for

In his speech, Espinoza says:

I first
met John and Cindy McCain 25 years ago …We`ve built a
deep friendship, and

I`m honored to be the godfather
to John and Cindy`s son …

means that McCain has been in bed with a reconquista
since he was in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Worse, McCain
has such an affinity for Espinoza—and by extension his
agenda—that he made him his son`s godfather, an enormous

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