A Takoma Park MD Reader Finds Himself Living In “New Mexico North”, Has Some Suggestions

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– A Hispanic Reader Wants Us To Drop Our “Nonsensical Obsession” With Arizona And Concentrate On His “Emotional Issue “In New York

A Maryland Reader


Mexican Imperialism Comes Out Of
The Closet

By Patrick J. Buchanan

the Mexican President has

is anywhere in the world there is a Mexican,
since my

Takoma Park
(Maryland) neighborhood is 60% Hispanic
with about half of that being Mexican, that means I live
in Mexico and indeed I am a Mexican. Indeed the entire
North American continent is under this logic Mexican.
Since I am a Mexican, I want
voting rights in Mexico

As new Mexicans we should demand
the old U.S. Constitution be

by the old passé Mexican government in
Mexico City. As new Mexicans we must demand that we be
allowed to
and have our old U.S. Federal laws enforced in
all of Mexico, not just new Mexico, but old Mexico also.
The old Mexican Police and Military Forces are clearly
ineffective so they should be assigned to cross-walk
duty and the new Mexican Armed Forces (formerly called
the U.S. Armed Forces) should help restore order and the
rule of law to the obviously floundering old Mexico. We,
the NEW Mexicans have a duty to our old Mexican fellow
citizens to tightly embrace them, to show them the rule
of law, and to ensure justice for ALL Mexicans.

James Fulford

When you`re being invaded,
the prospect of invading back may look tempting, but for
hundreds of years, American governments have

declined the opportunity
feeling that (old) Mexico

is more trouble than it`s worth.