A SC Reader Notes Sam Francis Solved Chandra Levy Case Years Ago

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Cory Bone (email

Re: “Salvadoran
Suspect — But Chandra`s Killing Unlikely To Be Solved

By Sam Francis

Regarding the recent news of an arrest in the Chandra
Levy case, Sam

solved this crime a year after it happened, nearly seven
years before an arrest warrant was issued for El
Salvadoran illegal

Ingmar Guandique



Sam Francis noted
(June 3,

“I have no
idea who killed Miss Levy or why, but I`d take a long,
hard look at the chap known as
Ingmar Guandique
, a Salvadoran now in prison for
attacks on

two other young women
in the same area not long
after Miss Levy disappeared.”

Washington Post
reported (March 3, 2009):
“D.C. police and
prosecutors said yesterday that they will charge a
27-year-old Salvadoran man

wwith first-degree murder in the killing of Chandra Levy
nearly eight years ago during a sexual assault along a
desolate hiking trail deep in Rock Creek Park.”

Nearly eight years after this tragedy occurred, two
incisive observations come to mind:

"To see what is in front of
one`s nose needs a constant struggle"

Orwell; "Hell is truth seen too late"
–Thomas Hobbes