A Reader Spots Double Standards At Westfield Middle School

May 17, 2003

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California High School Student Reports From The Front


Principal Ed Mendoza of

Westfield Middle School
near Indianapolis strictly
enforced a no-absentee policy against eighth-grader
Brianna Tull for singing in a choir during this week`s
visit to Indiana by President Bush.  The official line
is that a visit by the President of the United States
didn`t meet the standard for a day excused from school.
fume over school ruling on Bush appearance,
” by Josh
Duke, Indianapolis Star, May 16, 2003)

But the Mexican-born
Mendoza had a different standard a year and half ago
when Hispanic high school students took a Friday off for

Hispanic propaganda trip
to Indiana University, at
which he was the keynote speaker:  “`We need to have
opportunities for Hispanic students to see people and to
see leaders who have been through the process and can
show them a college education is a possibility,”
said then.

Let`s get this right. 
According to Mendoza, old-fashioned native-born
Americans like Brianna Tull cannot be allowed to take a
day off to participate when the President of the United
States come to town. 

But foreign-born
students can officially take a day off at taxpayer
expense to see their “leaders” like Mendoza himself

] speak.

No doubt the State of
Indiana is investigating to see whether they have a
racist school principal on their hands.