A Reader Says “White Protestant Societies Wither” Because They Put The Rights Of The Individual Before Ethnocentrism—Not A Winning Strategy!

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01/26/11 – An Australian Reader says the West May Be Reborn

From: A Reader [Email

Re: Ilana
Mercer`s article

Why Do White Protestant Societies Wither? South Africa
As A Case Study

I think the reason why white
Protestant societies wither is because they put the
rights of the

before the rights of the group. This
would be great if all humans had the same respect for
the individual as white Protestants do, but,

unfortunately, they don`t

As long as non-whites and
non-Protestants continue to operate in groups,
individualists such as white Protestants are going to
get creamed in the long term. For example, over

90% of blacks voted for Barack Obama in 2008
. If
over 90% of white Protestants had voted for John McCain
would probably be President today.
If white
Protestant societies are to survive, then they will have
to start thinking of themselves as being made up of
white Protestants first and individuals second.