A Reader Says Sierra`s Pope Knows Immigration Has Environmental Consequences—He Just Wants To Evade Them

January 26, 2004

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From:   Linda Thom


Save The Sierra Club From The Treason Lobby—Act Now!

I thought VDARE.COM readers might be interested in
knowing a bit more about the

Sierra Club
and the motives of executive director
Carl Pope. I have copies of original
correspondence because I was on the board of a
non-profit that works toward immigration reduction.

In 1997, the Los Angeles Times quoted Carl
Pope as saying immigration

“is not really an environmental issue.”
executive director for a group supporting population
stabilization wrote a letter to Mr. Pope about the quote
and received the following reply:

“I was misquoted in the
Los Angeles Times. Immigration clearly does have
environmental consequences. What I actually said was
that the passions which have made immigration such a
polarizing issue in American society are not, largely,
environmental—they are economic and ethnic. This means
that when an environmental group tries to sort out a
position on immigration, it has been the experience of
the Sierra Club that we get dragged into a number of
very emotional issues which are not environmental.”

So there it is. Mr. Pope admits: “Immigration
clearly does have environmental consequences.”

But he wants to avoid talking about
immigration—because it`s a polarizing issue.

Have you noticed the Sierra Club avoiding other
polarizing issues?

And never mind that over-population is the ultimate
environmental hazard.

What`s more important to the Sierra Club staff—a
healthy environment or big liberal donations?

You be the judge. 



for a more enlightened board!

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