A Hostile Reader Gloats About The Senate Sellout; Sailer And Fulford Reply

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05/17/07 –
An Environmentalist Reader Says The  Bush
Administration Is Deliberately Building Border Fence In
Worst Possible Places To Cause Problems For Americans



Though I realize it`s premature to
GLOAT…I sure am looking forward to it!

Looks like YOUR side is gonna

lose this one!


Even if this fails to pass both
houses of Congress, President Bush has changed the
DYNAMICS of the immigration debate in this country

Whether its Bush or Clinton that
finally signs these proposals into law is
irrelevant…though I do think a CLINTON signature on an
"immigration reform" law would be more

Why don`t YOU just go back to
Europe?? Take Brimelow with you and you can BOTH go back
to England!

Guzzardi the Wop can go

back to Italy
, Fulford can go back to FRANCE!

Geez, awful lot of IMMIGRANTS and
their children among your ranks….what a JOKE man!

Don`t like the way this immigration
deal will change

USA demographics?


Steve Sailer
My side is the
American people. What`s YOUR side?

James Fulford
I strenuously deny
being more than one-sixteenth French (not that

there`s anything wrong with that
And rather than ask what side "Temoc310" is on, I`d like
to ask what side President Bush is on.